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captainhunter1 08-30-2012 11:59 AM

K't'inga/D7 empire insignia placement
Both the K't'inga and its older version the D7 battlecruiser have the Klingon Empire insignia in an odd place - directly behind the neck of the command boom. The two insignia are practically touching one another - they are that closely placed.

While I can see this was done on the K't'inga because the 'contour panels' on the wings leading out to the engines are a 'rough' surface and the insignia may be hard to see there, how about moving the insignia to its proper location of the smooth wing of the D7 at least.

There's a great picture of it at Memory Alpha - just scroll about 2/3's of the way down to see none other than Matt Jefferies holding his original - insignias and all.

psiameese 09-05-2012 03:48 AM

You should see the list of archived discrepancies stickied up top. We've had this one amongst the list for well over a year. It's nice to have a new eye to point these things out once in a while. ;)

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