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timelord79 08-31-2012 11:22 AM

Infected Ground: Saved all 10 Officers, lost Optional anyway
Happened twice to me now.

We saved the Officers literally at the last possible moment, they all beamed out savely, but oh no.. the 15 minutes where up and we were denied the reward for saving them.

It is possible to prevent the assimilation of the last couple even though the timer has run out.

I think only the actual assimlation of one officer should trigger the fail, however the timer should autostart any assimilation not yet triggered of course.

Can this be changed?

And I don't mean change it to all officers being autoassimilated the moment the timer runs out, since there might not be any Borg working on them at that moment but being engaged and shot by us.

So, please modify the fail criteria if possible.

canis36 08-31-2012 11:42 AM

While I sympathize with you as I've lost the optional on Cure Space more than once thanks to finishing the last cube with only about 10 or so seconds left and nobody close enough to actually hail the Kang. However, I honestly don't think they should muck with the optional criterion or behavior because not everybody even knows how to save the officers. Give them a chance to practice even if they're going to fail the optional because they took too long THIS time.

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