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obsidiusrex 08-31-2012 02:03 PM

Paragon Expeditionary Fleet - a home for City of Heroes players
Due to recent events, we are putting out a call to all former and soon-to-be-former City of Heroes players!


The Paragon Expeditionary Fleet is a fleet started in beta for former or current City of Heroes players looking for other like-minded players with similar experiences with whom they can socialize and team up.

We also have a fleet for our KDF characters called the Arachnos Armada.

Joining the Fleets

If you're a current, former, or soon-to-be-former City of Heroes player and need a fleet, or just a like-minded player, there are three ways to join the fleet:

* Apply at
* Ask for an invite in the CoX global channel
* Post a request in this thread; list a specific character for your invite request (ex: Character@Global)

Once you have a character in the Fleet, if you go to Fleet > Roster and click the Invite button, you can invite your own alternate characters to the fleet, provided they aren't already in a fleet.

The CoX Global Channel

We have a CoX global channel for both Federation and Klingon fleet members, as well as CoH players enjoying Champions Online. This is a public channel.

To join the channel:
  1. Right click on any chat tab
  2. Click on the Channels tab
  3. Join/Create the CoX channel
  4. Ensure CoX is enabled in your Tabs tab and close the window
  5. Select the CoX channel in your Chat window
  6. Make sure that you are viewing the CoX channel, and that it's the channel selected in the drop down list in the lower left corner of the chat window. Then, chat away!

Fleet Ranks

7. Chief of Fleet Operations
6. Vice-Chief of Fleet Operations
5. Fleet Commander
4. Task Force Commander
3. Squadron Commander
2. Detachment Commander
1. Ship's Captain

Fleet Assets

The fleet has a working Starbase with a Transwarp hub.

Obviously, the fleet has its own emblem and four standard uniforms from which to choose.

There are four bank tabs available to any fleet member, and four other bank tabs for fleet members Rank 2 and above. If you need a promotion, just catch a Chief of Fleet Operations in-game or on this thread to request one.


This thread is a continuation of a former thread. Despite my previous posts, the rumors of this fleet's death are greatly exaggerated; we even have a working starbase with a transwarp gate :)

obsidiusrex 08-31-2012 02:04 PM

Current Active Chiefs of Staff
Although you can contact any of these players via PM or in-game email to ask for fleet membership, the three methods mentioned above are preferred so that all Chiefs can see any incoming invites:

* @Lord_Nightblade
* @Mirai
* @NeoSaturn
* @Obsidius
* @Sopwith_Snipe

obsidiusrex 08-31-2012 04:23 PM

It was with a sad heart today that I read the announcement from the game of my not-so-distant past, a game in which I spent more time than any other MMO I had played before (and since, so far), and a game on which I met so many excellent people, would be shutting down for good in the coming months.

That is why I have reposted this thread. Before today, the Paragon Expeditionary Fleet was just a small fleet of some current and former CoH players looking for something else to do. With Paragon City closing her doors in the near future, I think this would be a fitting place for CoH players looking for a new home to seek refuge.

I'll try to get an updated list of current Chiefs of Operation in order to make requesting fleet membership easier. Personally, I just started a new semester of college, so my online time won't be as much as it has been during the past few summer months, but there are still active members who do have permission to hand out fleet invites.

STO is F2P now, so you can safely get your feet wet without commitment, and stay on if you desire. And if you end up liking it, you can go subscription or go for a Lifetime Membership (think about how much you've spent on CoH subscriptions, if applicable, and then compare to the price of a LTS).

To CoH players reading this thread now, I'm hoping that if you're interested in trying STO, that we'll be seeing you here in the future; we'd really like to see more Paragonians calling the PEF their new home online :)

commanderkassy 08-31-2012 06:43 PM

Your channel is very quiet.

obsidiusrex 08-31-2012 08:23 PM

I suspect that many peeps are visiting CoH tonight in wake of today's announcement. It's not the largest fleet, but we all are/were CoH players. We're hoping to make the fleet larger by having more CoH players join us, if they decide to make STO their new game of choice. Just know that despite our currently small size, typically we have frequent player activity and an actively-growing starbase.

For the near future, if you need an invite, it will probably be easier to use the in-game email so someone can toss you an invite. Or post your request in this thread. Either way, someone will get back to you if we're away from the comm.

obsidiusrex 09-04-2012 04:43 PM

I'll make no lies, but we're a small fleet. That being said, if you're looking for some sympathetic souls from City of Heroes, let us know! Post here or shoot any of the Chiefs an in-game email.

obsidiusrex 09-12-2012 11:13 AM

Wanted to make an update: our CoX global channel is also used by our CoH players on Champions Online, making this a very social channel regardless of which Cryptic game you decide to play. We'd still love to see any of you try out our fleet, of course ;)

technerdoc 09-12-2012 01:00 PM

So sad that they kicked us out of the best superhero online game...

I'm looking around what I can play now and I found this game here. I have to say that I'm absolutly not a Star Treck Fan, the old TV series with Kirk, Spock and so on was cool, but everything that comes after this wasn't anything for me...

...but this game here is really nice. This remember me in some parts a little bit in my beloved City of Heroes, with the great character costumization, the custume parts, the ground missions and so on. Right now I'm still in the free to play account, thinking about to spent some money here, but after burning over 800 Euros all this years in the city without having anything left now I'm carfull. I'm taking a look first and play a little bit.

Feel free to add me in your fleet. I was @technerdoc in City of Heroes and I'm @technerdoc here. To bad, we don't have masterminds here, but I rebuild my Lina anyway... in an other form. Linnea Amanda Moonshine or Lina is my character.

flatmatt 09-22-2012 11:10 PM

Hey current and former CoH players. I've only been a CoH player for a bit less than a year now, but found myself in pretty deep. I'm on Victory server over there. @flatmatt in both games. Still playing to the end with a few goals to accomplish, but at the moment I'm splitting my time with STO.

Anyway, was in a PUG last night that made me think immediately afterwards, "I should find a CoH-based fleet to join." The search function here was surprisingly good, so I found this thread right away. Already joined the CoX channel as well.

Managing to make my first crew all homages to my heroes so far. :) Hmmm, maybe my Praet-- err, mirror universe counterpart will join up with the Klingons...

draugadan 10-01-2012 11:00 AM

Paragon Expeditionary Fleet now has a forum page. It is new and likely to under go some changes. But, it is available for use. You can find it at:

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