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rsfuchs 09-02-2012 02:29 AM

Can't beam to Planet
SRy if wrong forum but i'm new here ;)

I'm at the Ressearcher Rescue mission and killed all the enemy ships. In the green box it says beam down to planet but there's no "go to the planet"-button as in the other missions. What to do?

tangolight 09-02-2012 03:26 AM

I'm not sure which step you are on, but you could try simply leaving the system and then continuing the mission. If the mission gets screwed up, that usually fixes it.

For some missions, you might also just not be at the right planet/system to beam down to. Make sure to read the last message from the NPC you got if you can, or check your mission log and read what it says in there, if your objectives box doesn't give any more detail.

Though for the Researcher Rescue mission, I don't think you go to more than one system, which is why I suggest just try warping out and then continuing the mission from sector space. You should see a prompt to do so when you're outside the right system.

attilio87 09-02-2012 05:29 AM

When you are in the mission you can check your map for a marker. Maybe you are supposed to travel somewhere on the map which is closer to the planet in order to get the button for beaming down.

tenkari 09-02-2012 06:31 AM

For researcher rescue, when all the ships are destroyed, this is after you did the station you actually have to get pretty close to the planet to get the beam down button in the corner.

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