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goedzooi 09-03-2012 12:12 PM

Crew Quotes.
Just post some funny Quotes you made up for your crew/boffs/captain.

- I'm a Tellarite, not a Dwarf! - Captain Greza. (When players call me ''Dwarf'')
- Dancing randomly on consoles seems highly illogical Captain. - Lieutenant Verak. (I LOVE dancing on consoles.
- Today is a good day to fix dislocated bones! - ''Nurse'' N'Arath.
- This nice Frequency Remodulator can be yours for only 500 energy credits! - Lieutenant Lethir (she's a Ferengi of course) (People really buy them on the Exchange :eek:, I tried it!)

Couln't come up with more for now. :P

lonnehart 09-03-2012 02:47 PM

U.S.S. Kusanagi (commanding officer Admiral Finn Hawkins)

Lonos (Female Klingon First Officer): "To solve the toughest problems, one only needs a BIGGER GUN!"

Tallassa (Female Andorian Security Chief): "Sight target... steady aim.., controlled breaths... squeeze slowly..."

T'Pinmu (Female Vulcan Engineer): "I prefer to work on engines. They work in a *impulse engine explodes* logical manner..."

Jacinta (Female Unjoined Trill Science Officer): "Captain Hawkins! Why do I have to work with these crazy officers?!?"

ugh... couldn't think up any decent quotes... not right now at least...

grylak 09-03-2012 03:57 PM

Chief Engineer Bosip K'seph. An Andorian:

"Is that Horta burning through my deck plates again? When I find it, I'm gonna ring his ruddy neck!"

pianowizzy 09-03-2012 04:06 PM

Chief Engineer Cher'rik (female alien): Why exactly do you keep pulling me away from maintaining our warp core, considering how much you fly us into the face of tactical cubes in a science ship, to go on these wimp diplomatic bases?
Me: I'm paranoid and you make extra things that shoot.
Cher'rik: Of course, sir.

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