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patrickngo 09-04-2012 11:34 AM

So, PUGging when you're new(ish)
Okay, there's all kinds of advice threads from serious vets to New players, most of which don't get read by the target audience, because they haven't visited the Forums in 50 some odd levels of play, or haven't, or have had bad experiences with other game-centric forums on other games. (or heard about said problems on other games.)

Except for the ones who do, but the advice is often contradictory (one vet says "Do X" the other says "Do A, not X") And, under certain conditions, one, some, or all of the answers might, in fact, be right-depending on your own play tendencies and the views of the group.

There are a few things you can count on (my hypothesis, don't take this as totally without fault here...I'm relatively new as well!)

1. If you STF for your first dozen or so times, assume everyone else has been doing this longer than you have-and ask questions. Questions like:

a) "So, ah, what's the Plan??" Usually SOMEONE will have A Plan, and a mediocre plan executed in a timely fashion, beats a perfect plan nobody knows about executed late.

b) "I have (insert kit, character type, weapons here), what should I be focusing on?" Or words to that effect. If your team and team leader know what you've got, they can work with you better than if all they have is a pretty green Orion standing in the 'Cute' Pose and the bare info from right-clicking your image and reading "info".

c)(at the entrance to the Boss room) "What do we do now?" This tends to get everyone 'on mission' thinking, fixes or prevents some screw ups.

d) If you see someone down, Res them unless they tell you not to. It's very simple: more guns in action is better than less, unless it's in the plan.

Remember, if you follow the plan, and everything STILL goes to ****, it's not your fault-it's the TEAM's shared responsiblity. If you ignore it, then failure IS your fault. if they ignore you, and things go to hell, well... that's what happens when people refuse to communicate!!!

2: Space Advice (Noob to Noob).

a) If someone has a Gravity well up, don't try to repulsor-tractor into it. Use Viral Matrix, or drop another Gravity well or Tyken's rift, or use torp spread/scatter volley/etc. to contribute to the damage. (even a little bit can tip things, and sometimes, it's nice to see what two GW's does...)

b) If your teammate has crimson coloured energy weapons (and you don't), it means he's doing more DPS than you CAN. If you want to help, try abilities that pin the bad-guys in place, slow 'em down, or futz their defenses. (Science is your FRIEND here!!)

c) WATCH what everyone is doing-if they're all avoiding doing something (Like, say, not shooting at the gate yet, or not focusing fire on the Cubes yet) then you need to avoid doing it too. Keep an eye on your chatbox.

d) People LIKE to be healed. If you're not presently engaged, it's usually a good idea to pass the healing goodies around to your teammates who may be 'Kinda busy" getting shot at, or may be suffering the aftershocks of having been shot totally to crap. Engineering Team, Extend Shields, and Science team being handed to your PUG partners can sometimes make up for a minor screw up on your part earlier. (not a major one, but minor ones...)

I know I missed some stuff here, but these were the ones that came immediately to mind.

hjorlwulf 09-04-2012 11:56 AM

One of the oldest, yet seemingly unknown, tips - find someone that seems to know what they are doing, and click on their icon. It will set your fire to his target(s), and you can see instantly if they need a heal or something else. Develope the "battle buddy" system by consistently doing this - and remember the names of those who notice and thank you for it.

bluegeek 09-04-2012 01:33 PM

Pairs of "battle buddies" is actually a really good idea. Unfortunately the average team size tops out at 5, so somebody's going to get left out.

So why the heck don't we have team sizes of up to 6, anyway? (Aside from that's how the Devs set it up to begin with)

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