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stitchintime 09-04-2012 04:49 PM

Quit a Fleet
I looked for this subject but did not find a post that matched it. What do you need to do to leave a fleet. I know that some fleet officers have the right to eject member but I found no way to quit the fleet. The reason I am asking is the fleet I am in seems to have died. None of the projects have progressed in over a week. This may be because no benefits were granted of the lower members.
I have applied for another fleet but I am not sure if having them accept me will just change my fleet affiliation. I have checked every control I can find and do not see any control like that.

crypticarmsman 09-04-2012 05:18 PM

1) Bring up your Fleet Roster window.

2) Click the "Leave" button in the lower right corner.


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