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walshicus 09-09-2012 04:48 PM

Hi all, I've just finished my latest mission and it'd be great to get some feedback.


Mission Name: Fieldwork
Author: Walshicus
Description: "Starfleet captains are seldom strangers to adventure, but frequently the Federation requires them for tasks more mundane than exploration and combat.

A joint Federation-Beranavian team of archeologists require transport to bolster a dig site on Argenave. The world was once a colony of an ancient Beranavian civilisation, and support here is likely to improve Beranavian opinion of the Federation in advance of a referendum to join it."

Some of you might have played "Uplift" (which is on the Nagus list ;D) - this is a sorta-not-quite-but-almost sequel to it. Others might have played it's Klingon version "yln Chen". For those who haven't, don't worry. It's not required.

Please be gentle when it comes to issues with grammar or spelling; I'm English but I try to make missions following American language quirks, not all of which I might get!

Thanks all.

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