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eurialo 09-11-2012 04:15 AM

new AE build
For a long time my AE has ben equiped with 3 DHCs, a dual beam bank, 2 beam array and a torpedo. I used both 2xCRF (2 and 3) and 2xsBO2 to improve my DPS and it worked fine.

Now I am changing that build: 3xDHCs and a torpedo in the front and 3 turrets in the rear. Instead of using 2xBO2 I am using 1xTHY2 and 1xAPB1. Moreover in order to have a buff to my attack pattern skill, I am using 2xconn officers (TT variant) but I have discovered that I can use up to 3 conn officers.

the question is, if I use 3xconn officers (TT variant), the cooldown of TT should fall to 15 secs... if so, what about using only one TT1? The idea is to optimize my tactical BOFFs ability in this way:

cmd: TT1, THY2, CRF2, CRF3
lt cmd: THY1, APB1, APO1


cmd: TT1, APB1, CRF2, CRF3
lt cmd: THY1, APB1, APO1

however the last setup seems to be not optimal because APB and APO share a 15 secs cooldown... but has the advantage to save APO to escape from tractor beam or when you need a boost to speed and turn rate.

so, what do you think about this?

eurialo 09-11-2012 09:33 AM

is my english so bad (I know it isn't good), or what?

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