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ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:08 PM

How to build a sci to make people throw stuff, 2.0
Table of contents.

Hi everyone, some of you that have been paying attention the last few months have probably seen one of my three Cruiser Threads in this section.

I also play Science off and on.

The first important question to ask about Science, is what is it exactly that Science does well and why.

Science's primary role is crowd control. Even in it's most aggressive setup sci ships are built around Zone Denial, Shutdowns, and Debuffs. How a sci ship accomplishes this varies ship to ship and build to build.

Before we break into how some of these work, I'm going to take a moment to explain what crowd control and the subsequent terms actually are.

Zone Denial: This one is fairly straight forward. Zone denial is setting up an area so that it is either more difficult for the enemy to be effective in, making it impossible for them to access. Usually this is done via damage dealing area of effect. Examples of this include, Gravity Well, Tractor Beam Repulsors, Warp Plasma.

Shutdowns, are abilities that prevent the use of another, or disable a subsystem. Examples include Target Subsystem, Viral Matrix, Plasmonic Leech. Some shutdowns are also Debuffs. Tractor Beam

Debuffs: simply put Debuffs inflict a negative status effect on your target. Or remove enemy buffs. Examples include, Attack Pattern Beta, SubNucleaonic Beam, Target Subsystems, Chroniton Proc, Warp Plasma.

Each of these has to be balanced to some degree to healing as well. Healing is often considered the secondary role of science captains. (mind Tac Scis are expected to do less of this than Engi sci, or Sci Sci captains)

Doffs, are also at times extremely critical with sci ships. While for Escorts, and Cruisers they make you simply more of what you already were, for a sci captain they can potentially completely redefine your build, and how it is executed in pvp.

Gear: Sci are like everything else, gear is of secondary importance to your competency, power selection, and specialization. However a few pieces of gear go quite a long way to helping you. 3 Borg is always a great standby. (as you'll see in future builds to come)

Power Settings, this one really depends on the sci methodology you are going for. Me? I'm a Full To Guns man myself. the more energy DPS your team is cranking out the better. There are also myriads of sci abilities that for damage dealing and zone denial aux isn't as important as it used to be on.

But most traditional sci run aux and shield power bias.

Powers to Avoid: Charged particle burst. Right now everyone and their brother (that didn't do a drunken spec...) has Power Insulators. This is giving them a 75 percent resist to all shield drain attacks.

Tachyon Beam. For above reason.

Energy Siphon. 1 the drain is pitiful at best as is the boost.

Boarding Party. Worthless ability, take it off your ship. It literally does almost nothing, thanks to Tac team, AOE fire and it being a very crappy power to start with.
Jam Sensors: Anything you could think to slot other than another trash power would be better than this. Heal will save you more than JS will.

EPTA2, 1 is just as good as 2 is. EPTW2, same deal as EPTA. (and only certain sci builds should even bother with either in the first place)
Mask energy Signature. This power is not worth a boff slot. It should be an option on every ship instead.

Scramble Sensors. It's mind numbingly easy to resist, it's easily cleared by one of the most common shield heals in the game, it does nothing to npcs (not even torps or mines!). It's just a stupid mechanic.

Jam Sensors, anything this does to save you a heal will do better.

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:09 PM

Table of Contents
The Introduction:

Skill Point Contribution:

Ability Trays:

Skill Specs: ACT, Combat Log Parser & basic Tutorial.

Tactical Doctrine Fed:

Tactical Doctrine Klink:

Builds. Standard Sci Sci build Sci Recon DSSV Hold Over. Sci and Eng Tac Recon Pyro Intrepid. Tac/Sci capts. Heal bot neb Controller Neb Sci Bop. Sci Capts Vampire Bop. Sci capt. XWing Sci Bop. The Karfi Tac and Sci Tac Orb Weaver. Sci Orb Weaver.

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:15 PM

Skill Specs Solid standard sci captain build Tac Sci. Recon/Fleet Recon Sci Recon spec Good old sci Bird. Still works with plas. Sci Bop. Energy sucker. Sci X Wing BOP. Sci Sci and Tac Sci Setup Eng Nebula. Great healer, and intro from Cruisers to sci ships. The Fat Wizard, good for sci and eng captains. Sci Orb.

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:16 PM

Skill Point Contribution link

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:17 PM

Ability Trays and why it's important.
his post is going to be going over some quick and dirty ability tray layouts that I've found to be quite effective while in a cruiser.

Definition and term Row Through, in the context of this post Row Through, is a reference to the optimum speed and accuracy that you can rifle through your bridge officer skills without having to backtrack. Rowing Through, tremendously can affect your reaction times and ability to appropriately respond.

The first thing I want to mention is there isn't any one layout that will work for everyone every time. The biggest piece of advice I can give you (before showing you examples) is to find a configuration that can allow you to "row" through your powers quickly and effectively with minimal searching. Some people put their emergency powers right next to one another, or one above the other, same with Sci Teams etc. Some people (like myself) prefer a gap between Emergency powers, as the ability won't be needed till later and it sets up a clean visual way of showing which emergency power is which in terms of Priority.

Some people like putting their second emergency power system near the relevant bridge officer skills. (like EPTW1 next to FAW or Beam Overload, EPTA1 next to Transfer shield strength, or Hazard Emitters). As you can successively just roll from one ability to another.

Some people like all their emergency powers together.

The important thing is that you experiment, and practice with each layout you try until you find one that you can "row through" not only the fastest, but repeatedly Every Time. Anyone that's a veteran to pvp (regardless of game type.. FPS, MMO, RTS, Racing, Flight Sim etc) can tell you crap can happen incredibly quickly so it's best to have your powers, and abilities straightened out to something that is as user friendly to you as possible.

The optimum Row Through time I have found is all of your abilities fired off or at least clicked in 4 seconds or less. This will make you more than fast enough to deal with whatever happens in live combat.

Spot reserved for screen shot of sci clickyness. Tac Reconlayout.

Notice how my Row Throughs are set up for maximizing my crowd control time? This is because naturally this is where my priorities lay as a sci. Un aux dependent powers at least correlate based on #.

You get the idea though I think.
The important thing is, you lay your powers out in the order that you most often need them

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:18 PM

Standard Sci
Alternate boff list.
Ditch the second TB1, for a second HE1. Remove the Hazards 2 for a TBR1.

Weapons: 2 Chroniton Torps front. Beam Array (phaser or tet), 2 Chroniton Torps Aft. 1 beam array.

Shield, Maco
Engine Borg
Deflector Borg
Consoles: Engineering. 2 SIF Generators
Sci: Field Generator, 3 Graviton Generators
Tac: Borg and Ablative.

This build, is the standard high aux high shield power no weapon power what so ever science vessel. It's good for healing, provides decent CC, in the way of Zone denial, aoe dps, and 2 movement debuffs in Tractor beam.

The Chroniton torps also provide debuffs, and the beam arrays are there to allow you to utilize your target sub systems, and a little burst dps.

This build really lost potency once charged particle burst went to crap however. I posted this incase cryptic ever got it together and fixes it. That being said, the movement debuff abilities of this ship are still formidable, as it's healing potential. The Standard is really a sci captain, or eng captains specialty, given it's utter robustness and lack of real focus on damage. It has a place on an average team, but right now in my opinion it's a little lacking for high end work. Good to learn on though.

Doffs: 2 Purple development Lab scientists, 3 Systems Engineers (viral matrix doffs)

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:18 PM

Sci Recon
So other than the basic, fairly user friendly science ships what else works?

We will start some of the more advanced and tricky to fly builds with my Sci's Recon. Affectionately we call this ship Soccer Hax.

Cmdr: Tractor Beam Repulsors 3, Feedback Pulse 2, Transfer Shield Strength 2, Hazard Emitters

Lt Cmdr: Gravity Well 1/Transfer Shield strength3, ST2, Hazard Emitters1 /Tractor Beam1.

Lt Tac: Tac Team, Torp Spread2

Ens Tac Torp Spread1


Deflector Borg
Engine Borg
Shield, Maco

Power Settings. Primary, 100 to weapons, 25 to shields, 25 engines, 50 to Aux.
Secondary, 25 weapons, 75 Shields, 25 engines, 75 Aux.

Weapons 5 Beam arrays and one forward chroniton Torpedo. Polarized Tetryons.

Consoles: Engineering. Plasma distribution manifold (soon to be swapped for an RCS) Borg

Science: Field Generator, 3 Graviton Generators/3 Particle Generators.

Tactical : 3 tetryon pulse generators.

Doffs: 2 purple development lab doffs, 2 blue shield distribution officers. 1 gravity well doff/warp core engineer (purple ideally.. right now it's green due to a lack of funds presently)

Devices: Aux batteries, Subspace field modulator, Engine Batteries.

This ships primary role is zone denial, and repels. With TBR3 fully auxed and with 3 consoles, I have a +30 repel per pulse. Which against ships not specced for dealing with it means they can be pushed 8 km per pulse. This has a host of uses, from knocking people out of extend range/heal ranges, to simply neutering Alpha Strikes by screwing up their facing of the target. It also is capable of movement debuffs with tractor beam and chroniton shots. (to say nothing of the usual target subsystem attacks all sci have) Gravity well, makes a mess out of fighter spam, and is capable of sucking carriers in and keeping them there.

Weaknesses, it doesn't have ablative so you have to eyeball incoming damage and be more aware of incoming alpha strikes. You have to either sub nuc them off, or use your FPB2 when they start shooting you. Damage reflection varies depending on how many particle generator consoles you have equipped, and your aux setting at the moment you first press fpb.

It can provide good supplemental dps to down shield facings with (I also recommend having weapon batteries in your inventory to swap out with your field modulator as necessary).

As this ship is using TBR3 you have to be on the same page in my opinion with your teams Escort pilots. Once you get a target isolated, generally speaking they can work him over and send him to the Respawn point in short order. But they have to know your TBR runs are coming

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:20 PM

DSSV Holdover Build.

There are ships that do what the DSSV does a little better in my opinion (Nebula, Dkyr for examples). But this should be a solid start for you.

This will do better healing, more crowd control and better general output in pvp. I also recommend, having GW3 in still on a second boff (maybe your Ltcmdr) so you can switch it up for STFs. The DSSV turns abit like a boat, so the 90 degree skills aren't as useful there as 360 degree skills tend to be.

Also, keep tac Team and APB or attack pattern Delta on a second tac boff for when you go into pvp.

For Doffs I would go with 2 purple dev labs, 3 Shield Distribution doffs of the best quality you can manage.

FBP gives you a second deterrent to people shooting you. (RSP gives you another in the form of a massive shield heal)

Consoles: Go with 2 SIF Generators, and put your Borg in the 3rd.
Sci: Field Generator, 3 Particle Generators you can also swap this for Shield Emitters consoles if you are finding yourself doing more healing than anything else.
Tac: 2 energy consoles.

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:21 PM

Tac Recon. Title should read Ageirr

This is the most effective/second most effective Tac Recon I've rolled thus far. It does Ludicrous Damage, it's got great lock down potential, and it's fast. Did I mention it does Retarded Amounts of Damage?

Deflector: Borg
ENgine: Borg
Shield: Maco

Weapons. This is the first time you'll see a real break in the mold for weaponry in this thread. I run (or rather soon will.) with 3 Dual Beam Banks, and 3 Turrets. Why? Simply put the Recon with a tac is Agile. Very Agile. The DBBs pretty much gaurantee that I'll be firing off overloads only on DBBs, they do good forward bite, (which if you look at my skill layout it works best when I'm hitting targets infront of me anyway) and make it very easy to think about lining up TBR push runs.

Power Settings 100 weapons /50 shields/ 25 engine /25 aux
Setting 2 100 weapons /25 shields /25 engine /50 aux
setting 3 /25 weapons /75 shields /25 engines /75 aux (Defense)

Consoles: Engineering Borg, RCS/Diburnium Armor
Science: Field Generator, 3 Particle Generators
Tactical 3 Tetryon Pulse Generators.

Doffs: 3 Systems Engineers (gives my Viral Matrix 3 chances for shut downs). 2 Shield Distribution Officers. Alternate (when running GW) Aftershock doff(name in a sec), 3 Shield Distribution officers, Warp Core Engineer.

Cmdr: FBP3, Tractor Beam Repulsors2, Transfer Shield Strength2, Polarize Hull
Alternate. TBR3 FBP2, TSS2, PH

Lt Cmdr: Viral Matrix 1/Gravity well 1, Transfer Shield Strength2, Tractor Beam1

Alternate: Grav well 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Tractor Beam


Lt Tac. Tac Team. Beam overload2/Attack Pattern Beta1
Ens: Tac Team

ghostyandfrosty 09-15-2012 05:22 PM

Pyro/kinetic Intrepid. Spec.
Do you have an unhealthy fascination with setting things on fire? Who doesn't right? As pvpers we produce more flames, and explosions than a Michael Bay movie in one single match. We like it like this of course. But what if you are having a hair of issue in terms of overall...burning in your sci?

Well this ship might just be for you. This seems on the surface like any run of the mill sci ship, and boff wise it is. What differentiates it though is the stuff in the torpedo tubes, and what comes out the back of the ship. Plasma. Lots and lots of hawt sexy burning stuff. Plasma burns, overtime can accumulate very quickly because they stack, and not only this they are also tac boostable.

with 3 purple torp doffs you will be firing these out at a machine gun pace as well. (infact it's quite likely you'll have more torps than firing angle even in the intrepid and recon)

In the tests, I found that they can put on a decent sustained pressure. This boff layout with it should provide more pressure and system shutdowns.

Deflector :Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield: Maco

Weapons Phaser Beam array (of course) 2 Plasma Torpedoes
Aft, 3 Plasma Mine Launchers.

Doffs. 2 purple torpedo officers, 2 Systems Engineers, 1 Aftershock

Power levels. 25 weapons, 50 Shields, 50 Engines, 75 Aux.

Cmdr: Viral Matrix 3, Sci Team 3/TSS3, TSS2, Tractor Beam1 Alternate: Vm3, TBR2, ST2, TSS1
Lt Cmdr: Grav Well 1, HE2, HE1/Polarize hull1
Lt Tac, Tac Team, Attack Pattern Delta1
Lt Eng. EPTS1 and 2
Ens Sci, Tractor Beam1

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