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rudiefix1 09-17-2012 03:58 PM

reinforced marauding force
How effective is the marauding force these days in shutting down enemies? Is it also countered by tac team like boarding parties?

Reason for asking is that im thinking in designing a Vo'Quv with lots of healing and shutdown. So how will a constant flow of (new) marauding shuttles be sufficient to overcome the every 15 or 30 seconds deployed tac team?

The tooltip also notes that some recharge timers can be prolonged with 4 seconds. Can this also be countered/resisted, and can I increase the recharge timer with, for example, subspace decompiler?

webdeath 09-18-2012 04:14 AM

The reinforced part of Marauding Force does not make it tougher since they have such low Hull Points.

I do like the Marauding Force Shuttles in combo with another pet type. Perhaps Advanced To'duj or the BoPs. I suppose you could use two sets of Marauding Force shuttles. But unless you have 60k Dilithium just laying around and you don't plan on spending it on either Fleet Projects, Zen Points, or other items, I don't recommend buying the Reinforced ones at this time.

And as far as the skills, I don't think they will affect them, but I could be wrong.

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