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markharmon01 09-18-2012 08:48 PM

Typing in chat, during a PVE
I was in a PVE today, and this has happened to me before, but today I just became completely fed up with someone. Why is Star Trek Online an international game, however there's no universal translator so that people who speak English, and people who speak German can interact in the game ( especially in a PVE situation ).
Infected GROUND:
Here's my issue, one of my mates was in the room, "trying" to get the shields around the power nodes to drop, but this other player was in the room with him, and everytime he would select the spot where we were at, the other guy would log onto the console and do a completely different Power node. We all took turns asking the player to COME OUT of the room, and help us with shooting the node, but he didn't listen. Upon him dying, my mate saw him ask for " Hilfe!" we knew right away he didn't speak English. so why would Cryptic/Perfect world, not install a universal translator in a game that obviously has different cultures/languages? Do they want us to fail at PVE's? As if the PVE's (some of them, but MOST of the ground) are not already hard enough?
It was 1/2 an hour into it, and I decided a 59 minute penalty would be worth it at this point. So unfortunately another mission that went flop for the reason that nobody could talk to this guy and make him understand that only one person needed to do room, while the rest were to shoot at the power nodes.

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