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rayox1 09-19-2012 10:20 AM

heavy escort carrier: Armitage
I got a heavy escort carrier, but when I put more then 1 Armitage style part (saucer, hull, nacelles, strut), or even use use the "template" Armitage butten and presse "purchase" it says:
Your outfit requires purchasing one or more outfit packs. These purchased individually using ZEN. Please press the "Buy" butten next to each item. when that is done, pressing "OK" will spend the in-game currency.

Heavy Escort Carrier: Armitage Class: FREE "buy"(the butten is active

outfit changes: 8100 EC.

"ok" (the butten NOT active) cancel (the butten active)

Cant remember if I got it before you change the curancy to ZEN.
So is there a limited amount of usages, or is it just another bug.

cynder2012 09-19-2012 10:33 AM

it seems to be another bug..I get the same thing also when I am mixing parts with the armitage outfit.

hevach 09-19-2012 10:39 AM

There's been a couple dev posts about it, it's a bug.

Supposedly dismissing and reclaiming ships can sometimes fix it, but its hitting fleet ships worst, and they can't be reclaimed.

bluegeek 09-19-2012 11:15 AM

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