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docroadie69 09-20-2012 12:29 AM

Engineer kit swapping. Why are the PvE players being penalized?

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes (Post 5764641)
Engineering Kit summoned pets; drones, turrets, mines, etc.; will now despawn if you remove the kit.

I was confused by this and had to ask some of my buddies why this is happening since most of the changes that are done are done without explaination. They said it's because of the PvP'ers.

Let me get this straight.. Me, the PvE player, is being penalized because of Pvp'ers crying too much about some kit swapping?? I don't play PvP on the 'professional' level. I might do it for fun with my fleet but that's about it. So now I can't swap my kits out like I usually do in PvE because of PvP'ers thinks it is unfair?

Why not just restrict Kit swapping and whatever else PvP'ers don't like to PvP only?? I mean Cryptic already restricts turrets and such when you're at starbase, So why not do something like that during PvP matches??

Cryptic, you want to fix it so that it doesn't happen in PvP fine. But why penalize us players who don't do PvP??

rachelj88 09-20-2012 01:11 AM

although your argument about not being able to swap kits is a valid one. I have to disagree, if you're going to swap kits to keep the spawned items that your previous kit used so you can launch more items, that is completely wrong. I use one kit all of the time and it serves me well.

I'm not completely aware of the kit swapping issue but if the player is able to swap kits "mid-combat" that is an issue/bug and that needs to be fixed, I can't change kits mid battle. but if you're changing kits in non-combat thats fair but you shouldn't be able to keep the shield gens and other items you spawned with the kit you just removed, Tacs and Sci don't have many things they can spawn and they don't stay when you swap kits.

the PvP'ers are right to call this an issue, I played a ground 1v1 and the Engineer I battled managed to spawn all of his kit, then most probably swapped his kit and hid between 2 cover shields... <--- sorry but that IS an issue


elandarksky 09-20-2012 01:39 AM

While i do like engineering how it is, i can see why this is being 'fixed'

While i dont like the PVE repercussions its just one of those things we'll just have to get over, PVP its a godsend, (no more 1 man fortresses with a minefield to boot) but meh

Wonder if there will be a subsequent nerf/fix to tactical+sci kits which abilities linger after a kit change.

E.g. Will a sci's Nanite Heal monitor vanish when medic/borg analyzer is switched?

rachelj88 09-20-2012 02:04 AM

elandarksky, I agree if Engineers are taking the nerf I'd like to see a subsequent nerf to tac and sci.


angrytarg 09-20-2012 05:20 AM

I'm really pissed about this one. Just because some people in the PvP complain about invulnerable 1-man-fortress-engineers (btw a game mode which the devs themselves stated that it "sucks" and "doesn't work") they take out a very viable attribute of the engineers kits. You mostly just keep your kit, but sometimes its very helpful to spawn a mortar and support drone while doing STFs in neutralization gear. Additionally, the pet kits are totally useless. You can spawn the pets but you can't do anything to keep them alive - you had to switch your kit for that.

Why not only add this "feature" to PvP maps?

connortreeves67 09-20-2012 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by rachelj88 (Post 5767231)
elandarksky, I agree if Engineers are taking the nerf I'd like to see a subsequent nerf to tac and sci.


This is agree with, it's nice to see this issue being addressed.

P:S to RachelJ88 are you doing a self vulcan mind meld? :D

adamkafei 09-20-2012 06:22 AM

I find it annoying as I like to walk up to a turret in CGE lay down a turret and some gens to help- keep the team healthy then put the enemy neutralisation kit on and do my offensive thing but this makes that impossible, as they are doing this I think it reasonable that there should be a custom kit vendor so a player can make a kit that suits them, I don't use the forcefield gen on the bunker fabrication kit but I'd love to have the chroniton minefield from the enemy neutralisation kit (as I bought it for that 1 ability) or take one of the useless (to me) skills off the med kit for my science and put the biofilter sweep on it instead... buuut while that would be a convenience for engineers and science it would serve to make tactical even more nasty... and THEY are complaining about us...

rachelj88 09-20-2012 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by connortreeves67 (Post 5768721)
This is agree with, it's nice to see this issue being addressed.

P:S to RachelJ88 are you doing a self vulcan mind meld? :D

LoL Connortreeves67 I'm sadly not giving myself a "self" vulcan mind meld, pushing my glasses forward to make them look really big lol.

I'm not exactly supporting the nerf for engineers but it was an issue, engineers can post their anger over the nerf all they want, swapping kits should never have originally kept the previous kits gear out whilst on a completely different kit.
I could imagine the theory behind the kits would be the kits have their intergrated systems set to running turrets, mortars, mines and other stuff changing kits would sever the link so it makes sense that gear placed should "dissapear" if not cease to function.

I'm science so I get agro all the time about being able to heal myself and tanking bad guys... well I'm sorry but I'm screwed in space... sci have taken tons of nerfs when engineers get a nerf that makes sense they go ape!


Edit *to Adamkafei* - " I cannot wait for the custom kit vendor I just hope that its not just for cosmetic appearence."

corsair114 09-20-2012 06:27 AM

All kits should be wiping all active abilities associated with them when removed, be they Engineer, Science, or Tactical. If the game had been intended for you to have active a plethora of powers beyond the 4 granted by your kit, those powers should have been built into the kit in the first place.

vitzh 09-20-2012 07:45 AM

I've just went through a thread that is about people crying that a blatant exploit and abuse of a game mechanic is getting fixed?

This thread really needs to get locked for it's silliness.

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