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cmdrskyfaller 09-20-2012 10:03 AM

[Suggestion] How to make ground kits customizable
Simple way to make ground kits be custom-tailored by the players.

1- Remove all current kits.

2- Make 1 device that when clicked, performs the action of each of the kit abilities. (obviously only science captains can equip science kit devices and so on).

Bonus to doing this: allows a different visual effect to be added per device slotted. Instead of the body-wide holo-glowie visual , equipping a device can add just one small piece of it.. and with multiple device choices the player can make his own unique look.

3- Add a second row of device slots in the character equipment window. This row will only accept kit devices.

4- The current kit slot in the equipment screen can be changed into a new type of slot: Misc.

What can go into 'Misc' slot:

a- future ground inventory upgrades (backpack which expands inventory space in ground)
b- Specialized equipment that can come from replicator (climbin ropes, transporter pattern enhancers, etc)
c- cosmetic items (holo-emitter, different costume upgrades (pimp hat, etc) )
d- mission critical gear

With those changes (1->3) the player can fully customize his kit abilities just like he does his bridge officer abilities. Inventory is a non-issue since the player does have an extra character device bar to carry the items.

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