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henrik68 09-22-2012 05:52 AM

Fleet problem!!!!
Greetings all!

I have a huge problem and i am unsure how to fix it. A few days ago i was chatting ingame with the one that started our fleet and all of a sudden he removed himself from it by mistake no doubt.

So i invited him back in but as i suspected i was unable to reenstate his previous rank as well as his privileges! Shortly after that happenend he deceided that he no longer wanted his Fed toon anyways and went KDF!

So now we find ourselves in a fleet that is basically leaderless with no one high enough to actually govern it! Have we completely wasted our many resourches i wonder or is there some way to restore leadership to someone who actually cares?

vkfphoenixlord 09-22-2012 06:58 AM

There is a way in place that you or someone else may take control of the fleet. I believe it activated after 30 days. It was put in effect some time back (around the time SBs had just gone live). It was to allow fleets who leadership was absent/had no plans on coming back the ability to get the starbase going. I do apologize but I do not know how to activate it. There may be something in the Discussion Forum about that.

henrik68 09-22-2012 07:28 AM

Thank you, at least it sounds hopeful! :)

henrik68 09-22-2012 04:35 PM

Anyone?! :(

I've tried to contact a GM but that did not seem to work...

henrik68 09-23-2012 07:29 AM


crusty8mac 09-23-2012 11:42 AM

Yes, wait the 30 days and take over the fleet.

henrik68 09-24-2012 04:31 AM

Ok i see, thanks very much! :)

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