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leekemp 09-22-2012 11:00 AM

Need New EXE!
Hi all I am a new player been playing a little bit now. I went to play today and the client said trying to update etc. Then said unable to connect to client. I have been browsing the forums and some people say that a new exe is needed. I have seen where some people have post the exe but they are out dated. So was wondering where to get it?

anazonda 09-22-2012 11:13 AM

Just delete it from your STO folder, and you should get a new one the next time you load the launcher...

That said: I havent ever seen one of thoose posts you talk about... I'd like to see a link to one.

leekemp 09-22-2012 11:16 AM

Here is one for you!
Here is a link to an old one that I have tried and some of the posts as well

anazonda 09-22-2012 11:25 AM

that is a old thread that was regarding a entirely diffrent problem that has since been fixed... Ignore it...

If you can load the launcher, do this:
In the upper right corner, theres a link called "Options". Click that, and find and check the checkbox "Force Verify".
Press ok, and log in, let the verify run, and you should be good to go again (takes about 30 mins).

If you cant load the launcher, the best thing you can do is to download a new copy of sto... its free and dosent take long...

leekemp 09-22-2012 12:07 PM

Got it fixed!
I was browsing around some more and found this post and after reading and trying it it works now. So if anyone has this problem in the future go here to this post to get the latest copy of the launcher.

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