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lianthelia 09-22-2012 03:55 PM

Drek'Hi Dreadnought Skin...
Anyone like me and really wish they would add the Drek'Hi Dreadnought Skin for the Kar'fi? Its a great ship but every time I look at it I see flying Catfish...its just kind fugly IMO.

trek21 09-22-2012 08:26 PM

If you'll excuse my ignorance, what does the Drek'Hi Dreadnought look like? And where is it from?

gypsyblade 09-22-2012 08:33 PM

It's the command ship you see in No Win and Fleet Alert

Drek'Hi Dreadnought

A skin option would be nice, but I prefer the Kar'fi skin over the Drek'Hi myself.

mimey2 09-22-2012 09:44 PM

Oh yes, the flying space station.

I dunno, that thing is MUCH MUCH bigger than even the Kar'fi, to the point it would really have to be a seperate ship.

trek21 09-22-2012 11:14 PM

That thing is a Fek'Ihri ship? Uh... okay...

I'm all for more options, but those options have to make some sort of sense in customization kitbashes. Size, shape and so forth... but that thing is a bit too large to fit the Kar'Fi's mold, and don't even mention the vertical aspect.

So maybe, release it as an entirely new playable ship instead (along with the Orion, Nausicaan, and Gorn dreadnoughts).

Any ideas on what stats you'd like them to have?

darat 09-22-2012 11:41 PM

Bringing the dread's into the game prolly isn't a really good line to follow.
But, if they were to be done, I'd see them to be along the lines of a cruiser with more damage dealing potential.

So, boffs, I'm thinking LTC and LT tactical, Comm and LT Engineering, and either ensign or LT science (be the first ship with 3 LT boff slots).
Weapons would have to be the cruiser standard of 4/4.
Consoles could be 4 engineering, 2 science, 4 tactical, or maybe 4/3/3.

now to the nitty gritty. Hull points, it's a big ship, so 50k plus, shield mod of 1 to about 1.2 or so, turn rate, again, big ship so 3 to 4.5 base if even that high, and inertia, broken record it's a big ship, prolly would have to think about 10 (the Vo'Quv is 20 and the largest player ship to date) or less.

power level bonuses, this ship would have one massive drive core, which would easily allow it to have plus 10 across the board, maybe 15 in 1 or 2 sub systems, just depends on how that will balance out.

lastly, it would be plausible for this ship to have at-least a single hanger bay able to launch frigates and/or fighters, another option on this would be an inbuilt ship skill that allows the player to launch a wing of fighters that is specific to the ships race, along with a console that launches either a pair of frigates, or, a single worthwhile escort class ship.

that last part i know is encroaching hard on carriers, but at the same time they are set options, not interchangeable like carriers.

and at the end of all this, it's a big ship, that can take an absolute pounding, able to deal a reasonable amount of damage, can fly in a straight line, and i would never fly one, would buy them from the store, but never fly one.

Edit: As an after thought, instead of the pets, it could have an innate skill of turret fire at will, which like beam fire at will, targets at random, and fires like cannon scatter volley, but only works with turrets. This could also be a console, or it could have a support craft of some sort as the console ability that assists with healing, this could be a timed thing that cannot be targeted or killed, or like the bortas'qu/oddy pet/s, can be targeted but actually take some attacks before going belly up.

lianthelia 09-23-2012 08:23 AM

Isn't really much else to go for unless they make 100% new models, besides the Kar'fi always did feel a bit small to be launching those frigates.

deadspacex64 09-23-2012 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by lianthelia (Post 5801861)
Anyone like me and really wish they would add the Drek'Hi Dreadnought Skin for the Kar'fi? Its a great ship but every time I look at it I see flying Catfish...its just kind fugly IMO.

that's not a skin, it's a model. skins are textures...where are you people picking this up at? 3rd topic where i've seen skin used wrong. it's not interchangeable with model at all. especially not the rigid ship models.

wondering what forum this is getting spread on, can't be a modders forum that's for sure.

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