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stofsk 09-23-2012 03:22 PM

Something weird, possible bug
The last few times I've done STFs and fleet alerts I've noticed a particularly annoying bug. Whenever I am killed by something, and respawn I find I cannot turn my ship. Sometimes this is only temporary, and control resumes. Other times, nothing helps - except if whatever killed me is in turn destroyed. So for example, I was doing ISE and got killed by the tac cube. When I respawned I couldn't steer my ship and it looked like it was permanently 'stuck' (as if it was turning left-and-right at the same time). Because the tac cube was directly in front of the respawn point I ended up going directly towards it, but without the ability to manoeuvre I was quickly killed off again. Fortunately the team was able to kill it without my assistance. When I respawned to collect the loot, I could turn again.

A similar thing happened in a fleet alert. At the end one of the big klink ships - either a negh'var or the actual, named dreadnought - ended up killing me. When I respawned same deal - I couldn't steer at all, but this was cleared up when the opposing ship was defeated.

I'm not too concerned, as it seems to be fairly rare. That said, I haven't really tried repeating it. I am curious though if it is an isolated incident or if other people have encountered the same or something similar.

aarons8 09-23-2012 03:24 PM

this happens if you target something and you arent in red alert mode..

it will actually steer your ship for you if you dont go into red alert mode.. if you do start firing your ship tends to just stay in the heading you were in.

you have to untarget and retarget something to get it to start steering again.

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