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lysandrius 09-26-2012 07:57 AM

Armor/Kit visuals console command?
So, I'm trying to make a keybind for costume switching on the fly, and the thing that bothers me are the kit and armor visuals, as I have a costume with which I'd like to display them and 2 otherwise.

Now, the closest thing to a console command for that that I've been able to found is /SetInvSlotHideMode, though I have no idea how to use it. It requires 3 integers, but none of the combinations I've tried seem to work.

Does anyone know how to use this command? Any help appreciated!

lysandrius 09-29-2012 10:43 AM

So, no one knows? Well, not surprising. :( I don't suppose there's a way I could send the question to the devs? I'm sure someone inside Cryptic has to know this. :D

lysandrius 10-03-2012 07:01 AM

Nevermind, found it. :D It was on an old thread, had to dig it up. For anyone interested:

talosi 10-06-2012 08:41 PM

Thx for finding the old post. I will add this to my keybinds.

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