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djf021 09-26-2012 02:09 PM

Odyssey (Free), Fleet Star Cruiser, or Fleet Exploration Cruiser for best tanking?
I'd like everyone's opinions considering these three ships for TANKING. PVE doesn't matter. I'm looking for a ship that will really help me survive in PVP. I'm not talking about getting the best DPS in a cruiser, I'll leave that to the AC or Regent. But for strait up TANKING in PVP, which do you think is the best?

First off, let me say I am grinding for ECs to purchase Fleet Ship modules, so "real dollars" are not really an issue for me.
Second, I am already buying the Assault Cruiser Refit (Regent), so I'll have access to the 180 degree quantum torp launcher. In other words, while I DO like to feel like I'm not flying a whale, I realize I'll be able to fire torps from broadside, so if a slower turn rate will give me a better ship overall, that's ok.

Odyssey Star Cruiser
I already own this ship, got it at the two year event it's been in mothballs for a while now, but thinking about recommissioning it as a designated PVP ship.
Since I'm talking about tanking, I'll put an Engineer in the Universal Lt Commander slot.
This makes Boff layout exactly the same as Fleet Star Cruiser.
42,000 hull.
It has greater crew (2500), possibly helping with hull regeneration?
Slightly slower turn rate, and boy can I tell...VERY SLOW.
Only 9 Consoles: 2 Tac, 4 Eng, 3 Sci

Fleet Star Cruiser
Same Boff layout as the Odyssey Star Cruiser
42,900 hull, so slightly better, but I realize this will not really make a difference in gameplay.
Less crew at 1000, but I wonder if that will really be a big negative?
Better turn rate. It's only better by one, but in game, (I've got the Assault Cruiser) that turn rate is NOTICABLY better.
10 consoles of course: 2 Tac, 4 Eng, 4 Sci. The 4 sci could come in handy for shield tanking purposes
I'm thinking seriously about this one (even though it's so similar to the Odyssey) because of the faster turn rate and extra console. But is it worth it?

Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
Ensign Engineer Boff slot instead of the Ensign Sci on the others. This perhaps would give me better hull tanking?
44,000 hull. The strongest of the three, but again, 1000-2000 extra HP might not make that much difference.
1000 crew, so the same as the Fleet Star Cruiser.
Lower turn rate again, same as the Oddy. Very slow.
10 consoles: 2 Tac, 5 Eng, 3 Sci. Perhaps a good thing to add another hull plating?

I realize these ships are all so similar that I could probably do well with any of them. But if you guys have some opinions here, knowing the goal is TANKING, I'd love to hear them. If you have experience with any of these and have found them to be awesome at tanking, let me know.

mimey2 09-26-2012 07:16 PM

To be honest, since you have it, the free Odyssey is still a great choice as is. Although using science in the lt cmdr slot is good as well though, because of things like sci team 3, TSS 3, HE 3, etc, all of which you can give to your team mates as well, compared to like E-power to shields 3 (which is still a good ability though).

Basically, on the Ody, if you have it, don't fix what ain't broken, unless you really want one of the two fleet ships as you mentioned.

Anyways, of the three, the Fleet Galaxy, is probably not a good choice. It has the most hull of any Fed ship currently out there (only one or two Klingon ships have more hull), but it won't really matter a whole whole lot in the long run. Plus the ensign engineer makes it really hard to run your abilities well.

Anyways, I do own the Fleet Star Cruiser, and it is AWESOME. Four engineering and four sci consoles make for a really really tough ship. Even like only 2 or 3 field generators, and like an Emitter Array console to buff your shield heals, is great.

I love mine personally when I use it, in fact I plan on decking it out in all fleet gear, weapons and other stuff eventually, just to do it. Even so, with my normal stuff, it doesn't like to die. I have my engineer in it, and it just sits there, pulling aggro like nobody's business, along with soaking up huge amounts of damage, all without any fancy consoles like Work Bees and such.

eradicator84 09-26-2012 07:52 PM

Star Cruiser for tanking. I tried Ody but it's too slow for my liking, kinda left me vulnerable too many times when taking the heat and the Ody C-store consoles if you have them aren't worth the slots for tanking.

In a regular Star cruiser I can tank Elite Donatra or Elite tac cube easily enough. The Fleet Variant is even better.

Edit: I really should put my Fleet Star Cruiser build in my signature. I'll do it soon. Keep an eye out for it.
Edit2: There you go, in my sig. Be sure to click the notes button for more details on my build.

baudl 09-27-2012 02:13 AM

i like the Odyy starcruiser better, as an engi captain and ltcmdr slotted with a tac BOFF.
2 tactical team 1, make your shields nearly inpenetrable, and 4 engi abilities to survive are more than enough.
add TSS and HE and you are rdy to tank anything with no difficulty.

why the Oddy starcruiser? because it can mount a ltdcmdr Tac, For PVE you want to go for max dmg output...even in a tank.

so i suggest...for an engi captain doing mostly PVE, the oddy is the optimum choice of the 3. For a tac captain the starcruiser. But in no way the fleet galaxy.

now since you requested PVP only and "tanking" in PVP means support...the starcruiser is better.
Doesn't mean that the other 2 wouldn't work, fleet starcruiser just has the statistical edge over the 2.
I personally use the Oddy starcruiser in PVP too, with a little modification of course, but still with ltcmdr tac and 2 tactical teams.

asardetemplari 11-14-2012 12:26 AM

I am going with the Fleet Galaxy, as it has better hull health than the other two ships, put an RCS Accelerator on it, it has the base turn of an Assault Cruiser.

Plus, the other engineering officer slots are pretty handy for heals. Just a thought.

dalnar83 11-14-2012 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by asardetemplari (Post 6559351)
I am going with the Fleet Galaxy, as it has better hull health than the other two ships, put an RCS Accelerator on it, it has the base turn of an Assault Cruiser.

Dont think one RCS accelerator helps in turn rate, and it makes you waste important engineering slot.

Also there is a Fleet Heavy Assault Cruiser, which is a very potent tank as well, which still has teeths.

hereticknight085 11-14-2012 03:12 AM

If you want tankage, and don't really care about damage output, then your ship is the Fleet Star Cruiser. 10 consoles, great layout of BOffs for heals and such, and good maneuverability (for a cruiser) with no loss in hp. Also it has the 1.15 shield mod, and combine that with the 4 sci consoles, you can stack field generators and have insane shields OR stack emitters and have insane shield restoring ability.
Combine that with the 4 engi consoles and cmdr level engi BOff, you will have hull AND shield tanking ability. Granted your damage will suffer, but since you said you give no craps about dishing out the pain, only being able to take it, I will stand behind the Fleet Star Cruiser any day.

My only gripe is the same gripe I have the the Fleet Exploration Cruiser. Waaaaaay overkill on the Engi BOff slots. But look at it as either A) more versatility with what you can do with it (aka more variety in EPtX or gives you RSP2 while still having an ET3 etc), or B) a total waste. Other than that, the ensign and lt sci give you basic all around decent sci capability (personally would recommend running a HE1 and TSS1 and 2), and the Lt Tac will give you TT1 with either a BFAW or TS. Or you can run TT1 and TT2 (if you don't have two purple conn officers).

But if you want true versatility (aka tanking then suddenly able to switch to damage on the drop of a dime, OR you want even MORE healing utility and the like), then baudl is right. Go with the freebie oddy. Personally I would never fly one (I have the Oddy 3 pack so I will never need to), but he's right, it can "do it all" if it has to, with the click of a few buttons outside of red alert. It's secret power is it's uni LtCmdr slot and uni ensign slot. Change those two by even a little, and it's like night and day in difference potential. Imagine changing the LtCmdr from and Engi to a Tac. Suddenly you can increase your damage by 2.5 to 3x what it was. Or change it to a sci. I see GW and tykens rift in some poor escort's future. The possibilities are huge.

However as my final answer, I will have to say Fleet Star Cruiser. That extra 900 hp translates into 1200 hp with a maxed structural integrity skill, and that extra console can make all the difference. Also it has the same base shield mod which takes away one of the few advantages the oddy has over most cruisers. Also that extra turn... well you fly cruisers so need more be said?

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