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sonulinu2 09-27-2012 07:07 AM

Beam Energy Weapon Office Doff
Is the only way to get an Energy Weapons DOFF that has the ability, "chance to recharge time on Beam Overload and Fire at Will", from the Reinforcement Duty Officer Pack in the C-Store? Well obviously in the exchange too, but I can't afford those purple prices. I need purple ones and the only 2 I saw on the exchange were for well over 10 million ECs. :eek: What's the best way to get them besides praying to the Cryptic gods and buying a Reinforcement Pack?

banzaizap 09-27-2012 06:29 PM

One other way is the Doff Exchange you can cash in four Blues for a Purple. I was lucky enough to get one to complete the Base Tactical Office project that way, and I'm pretty sure it was the one with the Beams proc.

Of course, the chances of getting the one you want isn't really any better than buying Packs, but at least you aren't spending Zen, and you also guaranteed to get a purple SOMETHING at least. Of course again, with my Luck I now have five purple Bartenders along with that one Energy Weapon Doff...

There are a bunch of custom purple Doffs from some of the various in-game duty officer missions, like Officer Exchange with the various races in the Cardassian sectors. I exchanged and criticaled, and got a Energy Beam Doff whose proc was to remove Buffs from the target!

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