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laeaz 09-27-2012 08:10 AM

Odyssey "Pack" Class Starship Saucer Seeperation STF Mission Bug:
Odyssey "Pack" Class Starship STF Mission Removal Bug:

When are you going to fix the STF bug with the Odyssey class starships getting warped out of STFs when the saucer seperation and Aquerius consoles are used.
Whenever i'm playing private STF missions with my guild and I use the saucer seperation or the Aquarius seperation consoles I get warped out of the STF missions, and my guild is forced to 4-man the STF mission.
Members of my guild are well aware of this Bug involving STF missions and the "purchased" Osyssey pack starships, and when I periodically use one of these consoles I am still getting warped out of the STF missions.
I have been issuing bug reports on this problem each time it happenes over the past 4 months.
This ACTIVE BUG with the "Odyssey pack" starship Sauser/Aquarius consoles causing players to be warpped out / removed of STF Missions, has been plaguing your customers for serveral months.
Myself, members of my guild, and anyone else whom likes to use the Odyssey class starship in STFs would like to see this BUG FIXED.

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