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esquire1980 09-28-2012 01:11 PM

Enough with the crusier NERFs
I was just in a 20 man fleet pug that I stayed in about an hour. I knew there was going to be trouble going in when I seen 15+ crusiers at the start. At the last phase, failed most of the other ones, it lasted for over 20 minutes without even 1 of the 4 taken out. Left the fleet action and logged out of pure disgust.

This idea that Cryptic has of NERFing beams, healing, and expecialy hull tanking (crusiers/sci in general) into non-existance, for PVP reasoning, is now affecting PVE content. With the wrong pug make-up, the instance is not doable. Dstahl, either get off this DPS centric gameplay with all this P2W crap, or start adding back what you have taken away (NERFed) with the skill box revamps and/or all the little NERF patches you've put in since then. You have totaly unbalanced your own game, now even in PVE content. I'm sure all you would have to do is look at your own metrics to get the causation and effect.

Your game, in some instances has became unplayable due to your own development actions. It appears that resists are not hardly even working now. Makes me almost want to go back to TOR.

Also, instead of adding more P2W lockboxes, you might want to consider your engine is 1 of the most unplayable aspects of STO. The only game engine that lags more and longer is the hero engine and that's not a compliment. Why does it take EVEN keybinds slamming keys 4 times to get anything to even fire? Why? Due to your engine running about 4-5 seconds behind the visuals, expecialy in a heavy NPC/player instance. Don't even think about "clicking" as that takes sometimes about 10 secs for the engine to register. I'm aware you tried to optimize the engine in the ground revamp but the attempt failed rather miserably. How about a season just to get your Cryptic engine working in an acceptable fashion? Why doesn't even macros from a G-board work? Same reasoning. The engine does not pick up the key strokes. And before the evitable "it's your ISP or your computer", for get both. I have a dedicated T-1 line I pay 400 a/mo for and I have the entire network to myself along with a dual quad Alienware Area 51. It is the engine.

trintrektron 01-17-2013 09:31 AM

.....what your saying is they nerfed the engines? I guess that would affect the cruisars. But what does that have todo with lag? :eek:

marc8219 01-17-2013 10:15 AM

I think one thing that would help a lot is to lessen the diminishing return penalty on stacking armor consoles, this would help ships that are eng console heavy like cruiser.

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