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deepspacejunkie 09-28-2012 09:53 PM

So i always been more of a carrier person but i decided to try out a raptor for awhile so far i am quite happy with it but i feel like i am not reaching its full potential so i wanted to reach out to you raptor lovers out there and get some suggestions..

Here is the build i am using currently

Omega Mk XII Deflector
HG MK XII Engine
HG MK XII Shield

Fore: 3x Polarized Disruptor DHC MK XII [dmg]x2 [acc], Quant Torpedo Mk XII [acc]x3
Aft: 2x Polarized Disruptor Turret Mk XII [ACC]x2 [CrtC], Quant Mines Mk XII [dmg]x2 [acc]

Tac: 4x Disruptor Coil Mk XI
Eng: 2x neutronium Mk XII, Assimilated Console
Sci: Field Generators MK XI, Anti-Matter Spread

Comm. Tac: TT1, CRF 1, APO 1, CRF 3
Lt. Comm. Tac: TT1, DPB 1, APO1
Lt. Tac: Spread 1
Lt. Eng.: EMPTS, RSP
Lt. Sci: TSS 1, HE 2

Doffs: 1 Warp core engineer, 2 shield dist. officers, 2 damage control engineers.

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