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cpldubriel1 09-30-2012 02:22 PM

A little Drama for the crew

I do not know if this idea have been dicussed somewhere else in the forum... but there is one thing I would like to see in future gameplay.

As far as I know, the crew meter while playing space battles, goes from white (healthy) to orange (wounded and attended by medical staff) or black (Casualities).
Could it stop replenish itself when it is black ? Yes, the repairs are slower, but that is the point.
I mean we could slow down the rate the casuality appears on the meter... But I wish I could go to a starbase or meet a troop transport to replenish my crew.
They are delivered green and unexperienced, newcomers from the academy yeah ! That way, I could rely on doing Important decision about my CREW before going into battle, not only my ship's capacity or boff... but the essential basic ressource, the CREW, that critical need of any starship.
I find it annoying to try convincing myself... that my reserve staff is always on the GO ! No problem, we have triple staff capacity and tripple quarters everywhere !

Would'nt I feel cheap to go into hard mission with an experienced crew, and lose half of it because I could'nt cope with the challenge, or was misinformed of the tetryon beam arrays effect on my shields ? Start all over again with a unexperienced crew.

So maybee a XP crew meter along side of it.

I dont know what you guys think about that ?


ariseabove 10-01-2012 02:54 AM

Yes and No, I certainly understand your point about the crew but your forgetting about the other part of your crew which are your Bridge Officers and Active Duty Officers which are most important in all space and ground combat.

Your bridge officers can be trained, you may not like what you get and want to change certain skills and by the time you get to lvl 50 you will be able to train your Bridge officers so for Lt Commander slot and Commander slot they have level 3 skills. As for your other Bridge officers you can get Friends or Fleet mates to train them up to those level 3 skills if they are a different class.

Then theres your Active Duty Officers, for both ground and space its better that you put in 5 purples if you can as it will raise their chance ability and overall have an impact of what you do in battle. There are Doffs that can have a chance to raise your own skills or of that of your Bridge officers and many more things.

So getting ALL your crew up to battle readiness isn't just about the crew meter, Your bridge officers will be the easiest to get but the 10 purple doffs for active space and ground will be hard. I'm trying to get a Purple Doff Energy officer that has an ability for cannons problem is there going for around 4mill on the exchange but I'll get one eventually.

cpldubriel1 10-03-2012 11:58 AM

I understand the nature of active Duty Officers and Bridge Officers. You explain them very well.

My Idea about the crew meter goes the same way as the components we carry in our cargo bay ( minor, major and critical components for the ship) As well as ourself, the player, we get injured and carry minor, major and critical Healing equipment.

I Just want to explain here, that we may play dangeroulsy without these components, regardless of active Duty Officers or Bridge Officers skills.

The crew meter, mostly I want to pinpoint the casualities... should not replenish. Unless you carry, like the components, a certain amount of Crew replacements. Else, you may play dangerously, as if you were wounded or your ship damaged by a critical blow!
And if you do not atleast go to a starbase, or meet a troop transport ship to replenish... traveling just like those merchant ships... well you may run into more danger that will lead you to destruction and a restart over of the entire mission.

ariseabove 10-06-2012 12:43 PM

That would be great on Elite, I wouldn't want to implement it on normal as to many players would winge about it.

One of my fav missions is about the only one you can fail and its that reason I like it lol.

I plan to get into making some foundry missions in the near future, so I'm wondering if there will be an option in that where if you fall below a pacific crew it could fail it?, I suppose I'll find out in time.

markhawkman 10-06-2012 06:46 PM

Honestly it sounds like a generally bad idea. It might make a decent form of ship injury(-x crew), but that's about it.

sophlogimo 10-12-2012 03:23 AM

Keep in mind that "dead" merely means "clinically dead". Everybody has access to automated medical care, so when the crew goes back up, the existing crew is actually revived.

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