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steelcityvoice 10-01-2012 06:04 PM

"The Trust" is looking for crew for Starbase 130-T
Hello Potential Recruits,

My name is Captain Jenara Redman-Crate. I am the Chief Engineering Officer for Starbase 130-T. We serve as the base of operations for "The Trust" (RP Fleet).

We are currently in need of players who enjoy roleplaying officers aboard a starbase, much like what you would see in the Deep Space Nine Series. Characters would be asked to roleplay as Lieutenants or below, which allows us to help develop/guide/promote your characters through the ranks as warranted.

The Trust is one of the oldest and strongest RP fleets in ST Online, and we are also part of a larger RP alliance with several other fleets.

Currently we are looking for just about all positions, so if interested please check out the main fleet website at or contact one of 130-T's command officers. I can be reached @Steelcurtain96 and the starbase commander, Captain Matthew Cline, can be reached @InhumaneKitten

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest.
-- Jenara Redman-Crate

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