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magmeg 10-05-2012 07:09 AM

give us pet-emotes.. :)

first of all: Me, myself, I and also a lot of fleetmates realy love the new fireplace. Was big fun in teamspeak after finished the projekt yesterday. Really great work, same like our sweet litle targs :)

But here we see, we need pet-emotes.

I sit near the fire, my jackal mastiff by my side.. but.. he jumps around, bark to my nighbors. I would like to see him lay down in front of my feet (i hope he love me like i love him.. :) )

In the last lockboxes (or lobi) were pets, i think there will be some in future too. So maybe for future updates: let us give our pets commands.

some easy exampels:
- attack ->"dog"-like pets bark to someone
- sit -> sit down next to player
- lay -> lay down..
- play -> jumping and running happy around, maybe a toy?
- explore -> walks around 10(?)m and sniff to players, items ect
- feed -> myamyy

moremoremore.. :D

i know its not easy, important or usefull and cant be out in the next 2 weeks, but i think it would be great for the "social" part of the game.

i hope i will find some signatures here and on season 15 we make a "cutest-pet-battle"

cya in cold space

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