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rodentmaster 10-05-2012 03:40 PM

A funny thing happened...
A funny thing happened in an STF recently... it was KASN, a pug. 3 folks in it tried very hard and were quite communicative. One guy was in a tier 1 ship that had about a million hull damages applied to it. I think that was him. Another guy may have been with him.

So the griefer ignores all text from the instant the match starts. The 3 of us that were trying tried in VAIN to get him to respond, acknowledge, anything. But no. He goes offsides, kills a single nanite, spawns the defending spheres, then his pal goes to the other side and mucks it up as well.

Disclaimer: They may not have been friends, but it's an awfully bad coincidence.

Anyways, he totally ruins the match for everyone involved, and we all agreed. We were working very hard to do it as a 3-man team. Not one single time did this intentional griefer type 1 word, make 1 sound, indicate he had any noble intentions at all.

So I told him "f you" that he lost us the optional and was doing nothing. I said those 2 idiots should be banned from STFs forever (as all intentional griefers ought to be!).

And.... guess what? After the match I got a very condescending tear-down via PM from him. I tried to reply back civily saying why didn't he say anything at all until he had ruined it and the match was over? Instead I couldn't. He had IGNORED me before sending the /tell.


Also, said griefer reported me for the swear and got away scott free with it. AFTER he sent the /tell, AFTER he had ignored me, AFTER he had ruined the game. LOL! Griefers are ruining this game. Cryptic is letting them.

voporak 10-05-2012 10:00 PM

Hit report to GM, that's unfortunately all you can do. I really wonder what goes through the mind of griefers, trolls, and spammers.

rodentmaster 10-05-2012 10:01 PM

Wish I could, NOW... I was the injured party and he reported ME to the GM. LOL. Ain't that rich?

Too bad I don't recall his name.

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