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piwright42 10-07-2012 02:52 PM

[Fleet] Hax Panda Cubs Recruitment
Hax Panda Cubs is a KDF fleet started by members of the Sad Pandas who wanted to encourage the growth of PvP. To make PvP better for everyone by helping those new to, or curious about PvP play on a higher level than the games non-player character artificial intelligence encourages.

This is the core of the Hax Panda Cubs philosophy.

The idea was that members come in learn and either get recruited by other established PvP fleets or to wander off and start PvP teams or fleets of their own. As such we teach what we are taught and what innovations we find. This also means we have an anemic roster at any given time. Which was fine as high turn over always gave us someone to teach.

Then the fleet system came.

Players got caught up in grinding for that shiney fleet ship and and recruitment pretty much stopped. Now the Hax Cubs have to reach out and encourage potential new members to join and push forward with the notion of making PvP better for all. This means that the fleet has to develop permanent core members who stay and help instruct as well as PvP in the name of the Hax Panda Cubs.

If it ain't fun don't do it. This means we are open to both serious and casual styles of PvP play. From weekend warriors to those who only PvP every day. If you are not interested in PvP but want to learn you can do that here. Be honest and up front about it. Be sure to pass what you learn on. Pay it forward in other words.

We are not closed minded toward other aspects of the game. Fleet actions, STFs, and fleet events are encouraged to increase the resource base of the individual player and the fleet as a whole. As Benjamin Franklin one wrote, "Help others by helping yourself."

So if you are a KDF player interested in learning more about PvP and want to learn from some of the Sad Pandas leave me a message here or drop me a PM, (The Tick@piwright42), in game and we'll see about vetting you in.

upyournacelles2 11-16-2012 10:58 AM

Id just like to take the time to be the first to post in this thread. thank you for your time. :D

piwright42 11-16-2012 11:10 PM



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