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drogyn1701 10-10-2012 08:07 AM

Pathing update testing

Updated the pathing and spawning information for all ground maps.
Since this was one of those times when they released a patch to Tribble and Holodeck at the same time, we've had no opportunity to find out what this means, and specifically what it means for the Foundry.

So I think it would be a good idea for anyone playing in the Foundry after today's patch to let us know what you find. I'll be at work all day, but I can do some testing tonight, in the mean time, everyone post your findings here. Pay attention to boff pathing, wander, etc.

Some needed info:

Map Name - the name of the map in the Foundry map selection screen (i.e. Meadow Clearing 01)
Published or in-Foundry test - A lot of data is compiled on publish, including pathing, so we'll need to know whether you are playing this live or in the Foundry's test environment.
Published before or after patch - It's likely some changes may not take effect until published after the patch.
Any problems encountered - Self-explanatory.
Any improvements encountered - hey it could happen :P
General impressions

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