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tsf00181 10-12-2012 10:56 PM

Fleet Scourge or Garumba
So I'm thinking my Nausicaan Science officer needs a Nausicaan ship.

I'm really not sure what to get him though. On one hand it looks like the fleet Scourge slightly edges out the Garumba.

It has:
1x extra Sci Console
3150 vs 31500 Hull (no big deal)
92 vs 90 shield mod
17 vs 15 Base turn rate.
sci vs eng ensign

Seems like they are comparable. Of coarse, I can get a Scourge for cheap(sorta) for one character and it won't gut my Z Points. The garumba on the other hand will gut me, but I could use it on other characters.

The one thing that I'm undecided on is the Garumba's siege mode and Javelin beam attack. That's holding me up since I really don't know if its worth it. Is it similar to the Galaxy-X's phaser lance? I know it sucks, if the Javelin is like that I'll probably just get the Scourge. I get the Garumba looks cooler also.

Anyway, any opinions? I'm sure the there's some people here that have both.

purvee1 10-12-2012 11:10 PM

The Gurumba complments a power drain build though
Plasmodic leech+ seige mode + Breen set = - allot of power

That said I don't use the Breen set. For none tactical's the ship provides a solid punch with its disruptor BF4000, it won't make a big dent but it will deliver a good hit.

tsf00181 10-12-2012 11:20 PM

I already have the leech console. Not a fan of the breen set, I like to use two piece borg/honor guard set which seems to work well as a jack of all trades deal.

I've had this character in a Quin. IT works out okay, but the turn rate sucks and the Boff layout could be better.

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