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mimey2 10-13-2012 12:50 AM

Vesta idea
This is another 'Vesta' thread, and will probably get merged, but I had this thought earlier on how some folks have rumored about the Vesta being in a 'ship bundle' like the flagships. So I was curious what folks might think on this:

Vesta trio, one for each class, each having some slight differences.

Science Vesta:

Cmdr Science
Lt. Cmdr Science
Lt. Engineer
Lt. Tac
Ensign Universal

Consoles: 4 sci, 3 tac, 2 engineering

Pretty much a normal 'science ship', just with cannons of course, and aside from that, not too different from anything else. Extra tac console means a little more punch as well.

Tactical Vesta:

Cmdr Tac
Lt. Cmdr Science
Lt. Engineer
Lt. Science
Ensign Universal

Consoles: 3 sci, 4 tac, 2 engineering

Pretty much it has more teeth compared to the other two, at the cost of being much less sciency.

Engineering Vesta:

Cmdr Engineer
Lt. Cmdr Science
Lt. Sci
Lt. Universal
Ensign Universal

Consoles 3/3/3

So, this one is kind of the odd-ball, much more like a BoP, including the even console layout, at the cost of not truly excelling except possibly in science.

Also, if you don't like the Cmdr Engineer/tac ideas, then just switch them and have only Cmdr Sciences, with Lt. Cmdr Engineer/tac for those respective ships.

I doubt this'll how it will actually be, but I felt it was a really interesting and probably different take on the Vesta and worth at least making a post on.

foundrelic 10-17-2012 02:04 PM

No. No more trio ship packs.

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