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jonnymind 10-13-2012 06:45 PM

Give us some special science ship please!
Hi cryptic ppl.

I understand that there is a significant part of the STO community playing a sci fed character; yet, the C-store only presents cruisers and escorts as special ships to be bought.

Although I play a SCI, I am a proud owner of the Armitage escort. Love it.

However, I noticed there isn't any real science ship on c-store, except for the nebula. Up to date we got:
- The nebula.
- The vulcan ship (but it's a tier-4).
- Some sci ability in the catian carrier
- The time science ship.

And of course, fleet ships.

However, the nebula is a very peculiar science ship; the vulcan ship is tier 4, and the moebius time science ship can only be accessed through lockboxes.

There is no "real" science ship with some special power. Compare with escorts:
- 3 vector
- armitage with fighter complement.

or with cruisers:
- Assault cruiser refit
- 3 pack odissey with tons of special powers.

and finally, the chimera ship.

In short, I found out that the top sci ship around, except for the moebius, are the fleet ones.

I'd really love some special tier-5 sci ship to be available in C-store. Any plan for that?

(BTW, since we're here: the really marginal extra quality for fleet science ships hardly justifies 4 fleet modules, costing 2000 zen; adding a universal lt or ensign station to all the fleet shi ships would justify the cost, or you might reduce the cost to 2 ship modules for those and give the extra stations to C-store ships).

starkaos 10-14-2012 09:18 PM

The Vulcan ship is tier 5 not tier 4. There is also the Reconnaissance and Deep Space Science Vessels so you don't need to spend money on a T5 Science Vessel. Of course, those don't have special abilities. It is rumored that the Vesta will be a T5 C-Store Science Vessel and should come out next week.

But you are correct. There needs to be more T5 C-Store Science Vessels.

szim 10-15-2012 02:38 AM

The Vesta might interest you. It will probably be a science ship with some serious tactical abilities. At least there have been some rumours about it. It will be available with the start of season 7 in november.

dareau 10-15-2012 06:22 AM

You forgot the Long Range Science Retro. (Intrepid with Ablative Armor).

And, while the Nebula is a somewhat "funky" science ship in that it's more a hybrid science-cruiser, it was also (IIRC) the first Fed ship to draw any kind of universal BOff slot, which might have mitigated the need to create a high-end Sci w/Tactical secondary and Sci w/Engineering secondary (slot appropriate BOff into universal slot on the Nebula).

With the omission added and keeping the Atrox Carrier lumped in as a "science-oriented" ship, you suddenly find that there's as many Vice-Admiral Only C-store Science ships as there are C-store Escorts:

Nebula - MVAE (which, BTW, is a "science secondary" escort and the only escort that has LtCmdr science BOff built-in)
Intrepid (missing Long Range) - Defiant (Tactical)
Atrox - Armitage

Now, as far as fleet ships go, their "minor increment to power" is an ongoing effort to avoid (mitigate) the P2W syndrome that typically infests F2P games. By only giving them slight hull/shields boosts and an extra console, there is just enough advancement to make them worthwhile (and most likely the "I win" button in a battle of equal skill), but not so strong as they can be defeated by "free" ships with even a minor advantage in skill by the F2P player. However, I will point out that Science is the only ship-line to get all of it's "free" ships advanced into the fleet level - the Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 (Intrepid) and both Tier 5's (DSSV & RSV) all have fleet retrofits - Escorts miss out on their Tier 3 Akira somewhat (yeah, it's an available skin for the Heavy Escort Carrier Retro) and Cruisers miss out on their Tier 2 (Issues with the Connie Retro skin option for the Excalibur?) and one tier 5 (as the Sovvy's next version is the C-store Regent, not in the fleet yards yet).

Oh, and you're missing the Tholian Orb Weaver from the list of lockbox-available Science vessels, which, along with the Wells Timeship, aren't commanding outrageous prices on the exchange last I checked (in the 40-50 mil range, half of what the Jem'Hadar Bug escort is commanding).

So, with all this, and the possible inclusion of the Vesta as a C-store Science ship, shows that there's at least a bit of "recent" love shown Science ships (maybe the focus on Sci is to encourage Science Captain play after all the nerfs to science powers?) even though it's not directly available in the C-store...

thechugster 10-15-2012 09:57 AM

I just hope the KDF get a Vesta/Neb/Intrepid equuivalent, they really need a non-lockbox, klingon-designed science ship that isnt a comprimised by weakness (BoPs) or sluggishness (carrier).

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