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jafobss1701 10-15-2012 12:38 AM

Rangers Of Mars RP PVP And More
Rangers of Mars

Our Story for the RPer's.

Pre Stardate record 2103

3 family's of the mars colony construction crew located artifacts sent back in time for there discovery. The family's where Kaufman, Jorgenson, and Raliegh. The artifacts spoke of a set of temporal wars that would effect the future of humanity and the foundation of Starfleet. To preserve the natural progression of time they where to form the Rangers of Mars and work to keeping relativity on its original track. The first prof that there mission was vital was Redjac A entity that would inhabit the body's of others threw touch with the intent to commit murder. It had to be stopped with only 8 deaths on martian soil. Using a construction glider that had not yet been recycled into the last set of outer plating for the new colony and power transfer conduit scraps. The glider transferred Ionic radiation from the sun into the conduits on ground forming a trap. Redjac fled to the glider whose Pilot Charles Kaufman smashed in the controls locking the crafts coarse in the direction of a dust storm coming over the Tharsis mountain range. With advanced knowledge from the future the newly forming Rangers of Mars knew the storm would push the craft into the upper stratosphere and its solar collecting wings would be pulled upward still, with the setting sunlight a electromagnetic flair, and at the right moment into space.

That one mission joined the family's together and created the Rangers, speaking volumes in who they would have to become. The colony was small each Ranger knew the 8 victims of Redjac. One kill less and they would never have been able to trap entity. There was no hope to warn anyone. At the time who would have believed. The only facet of the event that they could possibly change was what innocent would be blamed for the murders. The choice was one Craig B. Inquitar whom they would later rescue at the request of the Guardian of Forever. As he was to be known as the Butterfly's Wing. The Rangers actions had to happen in secret, the choices would always cut cold blooded as a knife. The Rangers of Mars could not be a secret and still take the actions the future would need of them. A fine line was drawn Heroes on call in the light and Villains in the night.

Now the Facts. Small Fleet lvl 4 Star Base. Helpful is KEY. We do PVP Lite RP ( NOT ERP) and STFs. we will help you Lvl to start End Game content.

Contact Fleet Recruiter PIO officer. @jafo ingame. Via tell or Mail. Id be happy to Answer Questions further.

jafobss1701 10-16-2012 01:17 AM

One Aditional thing. Asked this alot now and i Better make this Clear. You will be a recruit for 2 weeks. After this time you can make Purchases from Fleet stores. You will be able to add to resourses prior to build Fleet credits to spend. The two week wait is for Security and make sure your willing to take part.

jafobss1701 10-18-2012 08:57 AM

bumpy :D bumpy :D

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