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zer0niusrex 10-15-2012 10:32 AM

TRIBBLE Maintenance and Release Notes - October 15, 2012
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

New Features:
  • Mine Trap
    • This is a new 20-man event, lasting 20-30 minutes, available from the PvE queue at any time.
    • Level 50 Klingon and Starfleet officers can work together to defend the local population of Romulan refugees from a terrible threat that has escaped from the remains of the Tal Shiar base buried under the surface.
      • Instruct locals to take refuge in the local homes
      • Fortify buildings
      • Protect homes from the threat
      • Escape town
      • Rendezvous with shuttles and make your escape
    • Earn both Romulan Marks* and Fleet Marks as a reward.
    • Play during the Reputation* or Fleet events for bonus rewards.
    • *Romulan Marks and Reputation system will be in a later update.
  • Azure Nebula Rescue
    • This is a new five-man, 12 minute space event that is available from the PvE queue at any time.
    • This is a cross-faction mission, so level 50 Federation and Klingon Defense forces fight together against the Tholians.
    • Tholian forces have set up bases in the Azure Nebula, and have captured several Romulan ships.
      • The players rescue the ships by disabling the tractor beams holding them in place.
      • But the Tholians will not sit idly by while you free their captives.
      • Larger ships have higher point values, but are more heavily guarded.
      • Rewards are variable based on how many ships are rescued and how valuable the ships are.
      • Ships will continue to spawn until the time limit is up.
    • There is a new title for rescuing a certain undisclosed number of ships.
  • The Vault: Ensnared
    • This is a new five-man, 15 minute event that is available from the PvE queue at any time.
    • The event is playable by mixed level 50 Starfleet and KDF teams.
      • Players will attempt to save the Vault from Tholian attackers.
    • Tholians attack the Vault and plan the ensnare it in their webs.
      • Players will attempt to save Reman ships from the initial Tholian assault.
      • Then keep the Tholians from forming a web around the Vault.
      • Finally the players will defeat the main Tholian battle group.
    • Rewards will be given based on player performance which will be tracked by the following:
      • Number of Reman ships saved.
      • Number of sections of the Tholian Web kept from being completed.
      • Completing the optional objective.
  • Into the Hive
    • This is a new STF event that is available from the queue at any time.
    • The event is playable by mixed Starfleet and KDF teams.
      • The "normal" difficulty version is for levels 45-50.
      • The Elite version is only for level 50 players.
    • Level 50 Starfleet and KDF players can team up to attempt to defeat the Borg Queen.
      • Disrupt the Uniplexus by defeating drones assigned to it maintaining the system.
      • Upload a new virus to the collective keeping them from responding to your attack on the queen.
      • Face the Borg Queen in battle, in all her assimilated glory.
    • The rewards granted will be augmented by completing optional objectives.

  • Flight Deck Officer Duty Officers that are designed to reduce the cooldown of Boarding Parties now correctly reduce the cooldown.
  • Added an option so that the aim camera does not zoom into the character model while in RPG mode.
  • All standard commodities can now be purchased in stacks of 100.
  • General graphics updates.
  • General server stability updates.

  • A new NPC Group has been added for enemy encounters: Mugato
  • There are now error messages for searching and selling on the exchange, mailing items, and accessing the dilithium exchange that say "You cannot access this while previewing a mission in the Foundry."
  • Added messaging to PvP and PvE queues while in Foundry preview that indicates that they are disabled.

  • It is now possible skip logout and go directly to character select!
    • A button has been added to the game menu to go to character selection.
    • The slash command is /GotoCharacterSelect.
  • Duty Officer UI updates:
    • Added a confirmation popup to assignments that permanently remove Duty Officers.
    • Assignments window: Current Sector was renamed to Current Map to better match the actual functionality.
    • Duty Officer list and filters have been hidden on the Request Duty Officers window when there are no new Duty Officers.
    • Only the Traits and Species filters are shown on the Brig and Passenger lists, since the others are superfluous.
  • Chat window updates:
    • Chat input is now focused when pressing '/' or ';' while the chat window is minimized.
    • Selecting Private Message on a player while chat window is closed will now open the chat window.
    • Pressing enter to select auto-fill items from the chat entry field will now complete the line it is trying to auto-fill.
    • Attempting to Challenge a player through the chat UI will now open the Challenge request window.
  • Chat Channel Admin updates:
    • It is now possible to display only players that are currently online.
    • Added a 1000 character limit to the chat channel Description and Message of the Day fields.
    • Added paging and searching the list of chat members when using admin for private chat channels.
  • Improved the bulk buy popup.
    • Added left and right arrows to slider to adjust amount by 1.
    • Max bulk buy amount is now displayed.
    • Current Count is now a text entry so that an exact value may be typed in.
    • The total price for the selected amount is now displayed.
  • Updated the visual look of the PvE queue window.
    • Status: This column displays an image if you are queued for the mission.
      • It also displays an error if you are not in the right type of craft.
      • It also displays cooldown timer if there is one.
    • Region: This column displays whether this is a Ground or a Space mission and has an associated image to indicate which one it is
    • Reward: This column shows the type of reward(s) the mission grants.
    • Challenge: This column shows an icon for how difficult the mission is: either normal, moderate, or difficult.
    • # Players: This column shows the number of players needed to launch the queue.
  • Bank updates:
    • Double-clicking on an item in any bank; Account, Character, or Fleet; will move the item to the inventory.
    • Double-clicking on an item in the inventory while any bank window is open; Account, Character, or Fleet; will move the item to the bank.
    • The account bank now has Deposit All and Withdraw All buttons that will deposit and withdraw the maximum possible amount of Energy Credits.
  • Tray tooltips will now indicate the maximum number of targets it can affect.
  • Added a ship rename button to the Starship Selection window.
  • It is now possible to load just the outfit of a saved costume in the tailor and apply it to the current costume.
  • Made the mail window wider by default and increased size of Date and From columns.
  • Improved comparative tooltips for ship weapons.
    • It will now try to compare weapons based on what type they are, eg. Beams vs. beams.
  • Added Shield Regen Rate to ship status window.
    • Note that this only works while in space.
  • Items that are unequippable due to class or rank now display the failed requirement in red.
  • Removed the unnecessary "Show unowned parts" checkbox from the Fleet Emblem tailor.
  • Contact Dialog windows: Added an icon next to completed missions to indicate they are ready to turn in.
  • Missions in your In Progress Journal tab now display the rewards you will receive when you complete them
  • Added a message on the main C-store screen letting users know that the C-store is disabled on their current server.
    • This pretty much only affects test servers, like Tribble and Redshirt.
  • There's a button to view upcoming Fleet events in the calendar in the Fleet Event window.
  • The Assets tab now resizes according to the inventory window size.
  • It is now possible to drag power icons for active Bridge Officer skills from the status window to power tray.
  • Removed the unnecessary stat Stealth Range stat from character status window.
  • This is a display change only; the stat doesn't and hasn't ever affected players.
  • Mission tracker updated:
    • Added buttons for "Open in Journal" and "Turn In".
    • The "Turn In" button will replace the transwarp button.
  • Resolved an issue that caused upper and lower Uniform colors to be linked in the tailor.
  • Adjusted the sizes and layout of several windows to work better with French and German text.
  • Friend location will now display "in the Foundry" when a friend is in the Foundry.

Known Issues:
  • Deploying hangar pets causes all power levels to increase.
    • This is not working as intended.
  • In the Mine Trap event, broken doors do not draw if you have low graphics.
  • Cutscenes and audio for the new content are still works-in-progress.
  • Foundry: Pop-up dialogs are being counted as Objectives.
  • Some NPCs you are escorting may follow a little too closely to you.
    • They seem to have forgotten the concept of "personal space".
  • Events and STFs accessed through the PVE Queues may not yet grant you the proper rewards upon completion.
  • When Borg adapt to your weapons, the 'Adapted' text is upside-down.

drogyn1701 10-15-2012 10:37 AM

Patrols in the Foundry! Fantastic! Will defnitely test this as soon as the server is back up.

sirepical 10-15-2012 10:44 AM

Sounds nice ... my personal favorite:

"It is now possible skip logout and go directly to character select!"

About time!

zer0niusrex 10-15-2012 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by sirepical (Post 6099221)
Sounds nice ... my personal favorite:

"It is now possible skip logout and go directly to character select!"

About time!

So there was pretty much jumping and squealing with joy when I discovered that. :)

thegreendragoon1 10-15-2012 10:49 AM

Zero, may I inquire about Dialog with Object and the chances of that making a return?

icegavel 10-15-2012 10:49 AM

FINALLY! My request for EC Withdraw/Deposit Alls! Small QoL improvement, but fantastic nonetheless.

Other HOORAYs:
Skip the re-login. It's ABOUT BLOODY TIME! Guild Wars 1 was doing that 10 years ago!
INTO THE HIVE. So much WANT. Special drops?
"Pressing enter to select auto-fill items from the chat entry field will now complete the line it is trying to auto-fill." Broken for a WHILE, nice to have it fixed.
Shield Regen display. Nice.


Originally Posted by zer0niusrex (Post 6099301)
So there was pretty much jumping and squealing with joy when I discovered that. :)

Same here! Thankee thankee THANKEE!

castsbugc 10-15-2012 10:52 AM

new foundry item assets on the horizon yes/no ?

(or the return of those what were taken from us so cruely?)

diogene0 10-15-2012 10:57 AM

Patrols in the Foundry, that looks interesting. Mobs will look less stupidly waiting for their death. :)

And the new STF! Woot! I've been expecting that one.

travelingmaster 10-15-2012 10:59 AM

I like what I see here. The new PvE missions should prove interesting, especially the Azure Nebula Rescue. Good work on expanding the information provided by the PvE queue columns, as well. I was, of course, hoping we'd get a few PvP maps to play with. . .but I can be patient :)

obiwanjabroni 10-15-2012 11:06 AM

Please tell me that some of the rewards for the new Vault mission will be Reman Datalogs and more than one at a time. The only current method of obtaining them gets really, really painfully repetitive and frustrating after a while.

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