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gm1911 10-17-2012 03:43 AM

United Federation of Planets Marine Corps
We all know the Marine Corps will NEVER die - no matter what happens in Earth's future. That's why, as a subset of Starfleet, the UFPMC still operates. Up until just recently, all trainees, from anywhere in the Federation, still reported to USMCPI for Basic Training. That installation is still open, but now the UFPMC has started its own fleet and is building a star base.

Come check in... most especially if you're a Marine (active or not, once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine) - but EVERYONE is welcome. Motivation is all that's required. We need to grow our numbers so we have the necessary strength, skills and ships to handle the challenging missions Starflleet is sure to hand us.

Rhett@gm1911... Vice Admiral (Upper Half) Rhett signing out (UFPMC rank = Captain)

gm1911 10-18-2012 12:34 PM

UFPMC Future History?
If anyone would be interested in the "history" of the UFPMC from WWIII through the formation of the fleet, let me know and I'll share!!! (It's like the first chapter of a book though. so withholding unless interest is expressed).

Come join up!

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