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f0x1234 10-17-2012 10:54 AM

Accolades (at least 3 bugs)
At first sorry for poor English.

There are AT LEAST 3 bugs in Accolades.

I cant finish with Klingon (Tac):

--- Federation Siege Breaker:

Im supposed to kill U.S.S. Marlowe to end this, i did it at least 3 times, but its still in "In Progress".

I have 2 screens. At firstone with team im shooting U.S.S. Marlowe (all others enemy ships are destroyed) and im killing it around 20 sec later.

On second im showing that Federation Siege Breaker is still not done. WHY?! (Screens from 17.12.2012, time on screens (im in Germany)).

--- Operational Completion Dedication:

I have done all what i should, but its still "In Progress".

--- Gorn Rebel Incursion Defender:

Few days ago, i fought with Captain R`rlaan and with team we killed him. But in Accolades his is not yet finished!
This time i dont have screens.

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