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kingstonalan 10-18-2012 06:49 PM

ft recon sci beam boat build
need help speccin and outfitting my sci toon beam boat build. mainly for stf.

currently running MACO xii shield, and Omega deflector and engines.

6 mkxii borg AP beams

1neutronium xii, 1 borg assim
3 field gens, 1 particle gen
4 mag regulators

Hows this for respec?


marc8219 10-18-2012 07:11 PM

I like the Fleet recon sci a lot, my sci captain has similar spec as yours. I use 3x cannons and 3x turrets though so I can run CSV1, it gives enough DPS to guard 4 probes with no problem in KASE and subsytem targeting 1 isnt that helpful in stf. I haven't tried beams on it, but I guess it could work ok but try the cannons if you feel you need more dps. I run MACO and 3 pc borg to help with tanking but 2 pc Omega also great choice with your spec.

Consoles layout is same except I run the assimilated module in the sci slot so I have 1 less field generator and 1 more neutronium. It already has huge shield mod and with 2 field gen you still get over 16k shields but its hull isn't that strong so extra neutronium or a monotanium can help survive borgs insane kinetic damage.

All in all its a great science ship that you can take into STFs and not feel like you are depriving the team of to much dps and still tanks pretty good while able to support with healing and sci abilities, best sci ship there is probably so great choice.

jellico1 10-18-2012 07:46 PM

Tykens rift 2 and 3
Energy siphon 1 or 2
Gravity well 1 or 2

You can hold and drain power from any boss
I'n the stfs it keeps your team from taking damage
And you too

I run a foward photon and 5 poloran beam arrays damage
Can be I'n the 1200s with power to weapons, I like using
The 180 degree quantum torp from my regent works
Great doing broadsides

Have fun with your build , I like my science character
The best for space and ground

The build possibilities are pretty open with
This character and ship you can pretty much
Do whatever you want.

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