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admfraserdgreat 10-20-2012 04:44 AM

Mission duration?
Hi. I know there have been a few threads about the kinds of fly-by 1-star reviews that we all get, but I just noticed a new one today: I've had a couple of 1 and 2-star reviews complaining that my mission "Ferasans" shows up as under 20 minutes in the mission custom search listings, when it actually takes somewhere around 45 mins to an hour(ish). Is there anything I can do to change where it shows up in the search? I might be missing something, but I can't find a way to stop that (and therefore people being disappointed and posting bad reviews). Does anyone know what that's based on?

nagorak 10-21-2012 04:36 PM

There's nothing you can do about it in the search field. Maybe some people are rushing through the mission or aborting before they're finished.

What you can do is put in very large [OOC] text at the start of the mission exactly how long it is. That can at least ward off some people who want a short mission.

However, some people do not read. For example, some people play through part 2 of my mission Atlas Affair, even though it's labeled at the beginning that it's the second of two parts and not to play it if you haven't played the first, and the mission is also labeled part 2. I've gotten reviews stating "The mission started halfway through."

So, unfortunately, there's no antidote for absolute stupidity or illiteracy, but you can at least inform a few people and save yourself a few bad reviews.

admfraserdgreat 10-22-2012 02:09 AM

Thanks nagorak. I was worried I'd missed something in the project screen!

ajstoner 10-23-2012 01:15 AM

I made a very lengthy 10 map mission that takes a good 2 hours to play. I got various complaints from some but it was cut way back when I added (in green text) certain details like Gameplay, Length, and Location at the very top, above the mission description.

Some people just won't read and there is nothing to be done for that but if you put things like that right out front it will save you grief and excess 1's.

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