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taut0u 10-20-2012 06:38 AM

Gameplay Bug - Roll
I would like to inform devs, if they read this forum, that roll requires a fix. I play this game for like year and half and used to ignore this in PvE, but I'm tired of ignoring this in ground PvP.

Roll triggers because of everything: slows, roots, when someone shoots at you, or basically when you press any buttons quickly.
I know, there is an option in settings "Tap direction twice to roll On/Off". It has no use. It disables roll in social places, but when you're in combat it turns on.

Typical situation: there is a guy, with like 10% hp and 0 shields, right in front of me. I press aim and puslwave alt attack. So instead of pure win, I do a roll, guy runs away, uses hypo, etc.
Or if I need to retreat quickly, I press Shift+direction to run away, but instead of running to the safe place I do a roll and receive a pulswave in the face.
No really, I can't plan any action, as I don't know, shall my char do what I want or he will roll instead.
I know that roll does dodge. If my life will depend on roll, I choose to die.

I don't ask to remove roll from the game, I ask to make the option "Tap direction twice to roll" to actually disable roll. In social places and in combat too.

Submitting a ticket to the support as well.

mbp101287 10-20-2012 09:30 PM

That setting DOES work. It has to be enabled for RPG controls and SHOOTER controls separately. That's why it works for your social maps and not combat. You probably enabled it while in a social map and didn't also select the drop down box for SHOOTER controls, so it only did it for RPG controls.

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