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timelord79 10-20-2012 02:51 PM

Feedback on Chimera looks and slight challenge to Tacofang
I was taking a closer look at the Chimera and I noticed that every saucer segment had a different hull plating pattern.

I think the best looking part is the front where the pattern follows the curve of the hull.
the whole center section is just a plane square-ish texture.
I know it is unlikely this will be changed, but why the design decision to go that way?
The ship, IMO, would look ten times better if the hull had unified look and appeared to be one piece instead of 4-5.

Another thing is the bridge dome. If you look closely you can see that it has this nice wide front row of windows, whichreminds me very much of the Kelvin's bridge.

And this is where the challenge comes in.

The ship's bridge dome exterior is just begging to get just one such a bridge interior.

A modernized version of the Kelvin's layout with the same front windows.

Could it even be done, to merge the windows with the frontscreen?

I get it that no one is planning to add a unique bridge to the ship liek the Tholian or the Odyssey had because it's not an alien or Flag Ship.

But I would buy a Chimera bridge pack, that would be designed for this ship, but available to others as well.
And I think a lot of people would buy it... there hasn't been a good looking bridge added to the game since the Belfast.
And no 25th century bridge (which I'd say where never that good looking in the first place, since shortly after launch?

Edit: her is a screenshot that shows what I mean:

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