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mimey2 10-22-2012 12:39 AM

Positive Feedback 2: Klingon Bloodwine
I know I made a post about this in the Klingon Gameplay area, but I hadn't made one of these in quite awhile, and felt this was worth bringing up since it's kinda been swept under the rug with all the season 7 chat we've been having.

But I just wanted to say, that I REALLY like this upgrade on the Klingon starbase, because it's really cool to have a bunch of people stand around it and toast all at once. The buffs it gives are just a bonus on top of all that really, making it much, MUCH more worth the 200k price because the entire fleet will have access to those buffs forever.

I'm not going to speak for anybody else, but I personally enjoy more the 'fluff' upgrades that do a little more than simply sit there and look nice. Take for example the Tribbles the Fed side got quite awhile back. They could've just been static models just sitting around doing nothing, but I personally really enjoy kicking them around, playing 'bowling' or 'soccer' with em, and so on.

The same applies for the bloodwine. It could've just been a simple model, just sitting there in the middle of the room, but instead, you can toast, and even get a buff for awhile from it, making it more than just 'another item' to look at.

To me, that's much much more what I like in the featured projects, something that's just a little bit more. I understand that of course most items will just be static and sit there, which is ok to me, but it's really nice, just once in awhile, to have an upgrade that's a little bit more.

tobar26th 10-22-2012 04:55 AM

I must say I agree, I was particularly excited by the table in the Fed starbase and can't wait for our first fleet meeting at it. Sure they'r expensive-ish, but at current prices they're about $12 I think in Zen which actually isn't really a fortune, and definitely comparable to costume packs for characters (2 packs I'd guess)

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