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brokenmirror2012 10-22-2012 04:48 PM

Script to Lost TNG Special :p
Picard: Take us through that asteriod field...
Riker: I dont think those are asteriods.
Picard: What else could they be Number One
Riker: I think... They are boxes...
Picard: That many of them?!?!
Riker: Yes...
Science Officer: Scans confirm they are boxes. Although scans can not determine whats inside.
Picard: Well beam one up.
-Lockbox enters Center Bridge-
Riker: Well open it.
Worf: I cant sir, it apears to need a key! It says here we will need... 1 dolar and 25 cents...
-Picard Facepalm-
Riker: they do know we dont get paid for this right?
Picard: They are taunting us number one.
Science officer: It apears the lockbox is multiplying
-Lockbox breeds like a tribble-
Picard: ARGH
Riker: Get rid fo them!
-Enterprise Explodes-

The end.

Now u see why it was lost... I bet cryptic found it....

nynik 10-22-2012 04:54 PM

Gene would be rolling in his gr.. money.

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