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admiralminto 10-22-2012 05:28 PM

For your consideration
Hello STO comunity! I personally don't write in the forums much, and it wasn't until about a week ago when I was listening to a podcast (One of the many great podcasts for this game) that I heard something that I felt encouraged me to do so, I would like to put forward to the community at large, my (almost unique) view point of this game, the good the bad the ugly and then my own 'wish' list of ideas for the game to make it better in my eyes, some hopefully not most, have probably already been thought of, but I'll give you my reasoning for added them too, I would like to discuss all the points I make here and even things you think I missed out that's worth a mention, or even ideas to make these ideas better, so please feel free to leave some feed back.

But first I would like to give you all my personal view point of the game.

So lets all use our 'Tipler Cylinder's' (for those lucky enough to have one) and go back to the start, just before beta and this games first release, Myself and a few of my friends, are eagerly awaiting the games launch (like I Imagine most of you were too), we got our pre-orders in (for our red matter capacitors) even (although we live in the UK where there is no Del Taco's) we even got the promo codes too, there were five of us at the start of launch, eagerly some of us stayed up late downloading the beta, all night checking on its progress every five minutes or so, then on beta's release played and got to the (then) top rank Rear Admiral quickly, found a great number of bugs and submitted them, like a good player, then repeated this process on the games main launch, and that's when, five became four, the need to repeat the grind to RA so soon and the "to buggy" and unstable nature of the game at the time meant the loss of a player, but the four of us kept with the game and watched it develop over time, but after the new 'end game' newness wore off and it started to become "grindy" and "boring" we decided to return to another MMO for a few months, this was the first break from the game I had. It wasn't until the first Feature Episodes series that I returned to the game, alone.

The Feature Episodes series'
The game had improved a lot in the short time I was gone, the Cold War series was at the time 'amazing' to me, and the addition of the Deferi sector block and the repeatable missions, added what I wanted for the game, new and better content, and I continued to play until the Spectres series came out and the Dev's really did step up their game, no pun intended. But after that started to get old, I decided to take another break from the game for another few months.

This is were I returned and started to love this game, not just like it as a trek fan, the game seemed to becoming better and better, and it was! These missions are my favourite, followed closely by the 2800 series (later), and I am greatly looking forward to the next series (rumoured to be in season 8!) from then on I played nearly every day, until last winter were I, for personal reasons had to stop playing, until the following February. But when I returned I bought my lifetime subscription.

Life time and subscribers,
I became a Life-timer after 600 days of payed play time (around about 800 days from launch) of being a monthly sub, so I have spent a lot of money on this game, more than any other I think, and more so than the average life-timer, as I've basically spend enough to buy two (full priced) life times subs, not including all the c-store ships and other nice additions I got too. So when people said recently, that new life timers shouldn't be getting the new vet starship and shouldn't be 'fast tracked' to 1000 days, I couldn't help but strongly disagree, I know that not all new lifetime vets, have invested so much but not to allow this would be punishing me and people like me, who have.

I missed out on the last Winter event last year (but I look Forward to it this year) and the start of the lock boxes, I did open all the other lock boxes, I even got a Galor on my first try with the Cardassian lock boxes, but lately its been feeling like a slap in the face after giving so much to the game, and repeatedly getting nothing (that seems of worth) in return. And yes I know fine well that this game is also a business and needs to make money, so we all can continue to play this game and enjoy it, so I support any way the devs can come up with to help them make money and can add more new content, So what do I want done about it you ask?

I would love it if the lobi crystals were made account bond items, for people like me with multiple characters with some lobi on each, that if account bond could be added up so that I could buy something shiny from the lobi store, with out the slap in the face of having to open a lot more boxes on a single character, when I already have the amount need, this could be made so it is only account bound for vets, which would be another incentive for people to go lifetime.

So to My 'Wish list' In the order I would like to see them added.

Lobi crystals made account bound for vets.

Extend Captain's Rank - remove "Lower half" RA and make Adjutant (Captain) -"People don't enter Starfleet to become Commanders or Admirals for
that matter, it's the Captains chair that everyone has their eye on" (DS9 3x26) - and I really don't like the Upper and Lower half rank doesn't sit well with me, seems almost corny, and I personally don't think a player gets much time to show off as a Captain in game.

Warp Cores - new aspect to the game play and new gear sets and even set bonus's possibly, the item would need a function like changing the maximum power in your ships power levels for each system or adding small amounts of power to a system, like a few items already in game, and could possibly be the quickest and easiest way to add new content (ship gear) to the game.

A Veteran Store - a store with only a limited amount of lock-box ships and items that a vet can buy (with lobi or zen) once (per account this would control the amounts obtained and to me would prioritise these ships to people that are long term players) and a way to add special veteran only items and gear to the game.

More factions (short story lines) like start as a fed unlock Klingons (focus it on the war with the fed) then unlock Romulans (story set in the past to the current) then at end game unlock a Borg. (stroy line of a new 'leader' for the collective.)

A Gladiator or arena style PvP
PvP in currently lacking although I do play it occasionally,
but a game of 2v2 3v3 5v5 Gladiator matches for people in fleets and solo sign ups, and even if the devs could make PVP themed high end gear would be epic! Could even add a rating system like in a few other MMORPG's for the really skilled PVP'ers.

But the hardest I would imagine to be done for the game and the most interesting on my list, is Evasive maneuvers,

Evasive maneuvers, this to me is a little disappointing currently, to add some spice into ship combat I would love to see "pattern delta" or "the rocker" a corkscrew and a barrel roll (for small ships mainly), I purpose that the devs create a more evasive looking set of maneuvers.

Evasive maneuvers as it is merged with ramming speed to make "Evasive maneuvers - Ramming Speed" (I would imagine this being best for science vessels/cruisers)

then a next level of evasive maneuvers (at a higher rank) for "Evasive maneuvers ? Pattern Delta" the rocker (would work best for cruisers/science vessels/escourts)

then at (current) max level (a small ships captains dream) "Evasive maneuvers ? Barrel Roll" (would work best for escourts/science vessels)

To me the best thing about this game currently is the Feature Episoded series' but there is always a long gap between them, but its
becoming more obvious that they are indeed worth the wait, and in time this game will be even greater than it is now...

Thanks for reading, Live long and prosper STO fans! and devs keep up the good work! :)

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