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matteo716maikai 10-24-2012 07:35 PM

weekly pvp update- 10/24/2012

so i've been watching the "personal reputation" system rewards from afar and i have to say.

they are complete BULL**** and a slap in the face of the pvp community.

why do you ask?

well, all of the bonuses you can get from the "personal reputation system" will drastically effect your ability to pvp. and the higher the teir the more drastic it is.

example- one of the rewards: 2.5% chance for beam damage to count as kentitc and have 100% shield pen chance.

now, we have a hard enough time with the regular procs of weapons, but this is insane. imagine a beam overload getting that proc and instantly vaporizing what you hit?

the siphion drone "fix" on tribble doesnt actually fix anyhting. it slightly slows down the drones drains but they still drain unlimited and rumor has is power insulators don't have any effect at all. (and if they do its completely negated by the fact that the drones have an unlimited drain)

assimilators need to be limited to 1 drop at a time, new drop replaces old one. this wouild completely fix this console.

tricobalt mines are making a comback. HOWEVER the mines themselves are fine. its the way theyre used and the "confirmed" bug about if one crits, they all crit that is the major issue.

tractors are still amajor issue with pets because now they chain tractor. maybe having it so only one runabout per squad has the tractor beam would fix this.

the science skill tree is still a mess.

borticus has all but said we're on the back burner because of "season 7". just like when "season 6" came out, and "season 5" came out too.

Borticus was also caught in a couple of lies in my "breaking news thread".

that thread pointed out that the personal reputation system currency and fleet marks couldnt be earned by pvp yet had huge impacts. he flat out said that they cant see a reasonable reason to tie those rewards to pvp, because pvp has no borg and has no fleet connections.

well... with season 7, all kinds of "team" pve will be getting fleet marks as rewards, and the foundry daily has fleet mark rewards. how are those "fleet only" types of things, yet TEAM pvp isnt?

^ Lie number 1.

then as was mentioned, he said that there are no borg connections to pvp, well it was kindly pointed out to him that kerrat and otha were completely based around the borg and still pvp.

^ Lie number 2.

he never responded to that.

Look, i know things are hectic, i know they don't care hardly anything about pvp, i just want the lying to stop and we get some flat hard numbers on when things will be done.

almost 3 years in and we're still waiting for those "promised" maps and gameplay additions.

I'd also greatly appreciate any "rewards" that have an impact on pvp have a way to EARN them via pvp. it makes no sense that the best items to have for pvp can only be earned through pve.

as always, new stuff will be added as learned.

Mai Kai the "why am I doing this, isn't this the job of some cryptic employee" Guy

also- (V) (;,,;) (V) why not Zoidberg?


Originally Posted by archoncryptic (Post 6231611)
Just a few notes.

There's a display bug on Tribble right now that's indicating that you'll get +30 Weapon Proficiency or Weapon Training from some of the Romulan options. These are incorrect; the alternatives to Crit Chance are Personal Shield Systems and Starship Shields Systems.

The 5% Placate here is a bug - that was there as a placeholder. The alternative to Shield Regeneration is actually a 2.5% chance for your energy weapons to proc Kinetic damage with 100% shield penetration.

Within the scope of STO, Romulans are intended to primarily use Plasma weapons. We're also adding Plasma/Disruptor hybrid weapons to the Romulan reputation system, and some NPCs may be retrofitted to use these.

Unlike Jam Sensors, this Placate proc isn't fragile, meaning you won't break it from dealing more damage.

We'll be re-implementing these eventually, but they won't be in right at launch.

One of the new suites of consoles available in the Romulan reputation system has a function similar to this. It essentially adds a Plasma proc to non-Plasma space weapons, and if you're already using Plasma space weapons it increases their raw damage. This is in addition to having other functions, such as science stat bonuses.

These are always on - they work much like investing skill points. That said, the fact that there are two powers displaying weapon skill is a bug. Sorry about that.

As mentioned earlier, this is a bug. There shouldn't be any duplicate abilities; some of these were still placeholder when the patch went to Tribble. Sorry about the confusion.

We are closely monitoring feedback from both our internal QA department and public testers on the balance of these abilities. The tier 5 abilities are intended to be powerful, but they shouldn't be game breaking.

marctraiderz 10-24-2012 07:38 PM

Just like every week, awesome PvP update! i'm looking forward to the next set of balances and content.

Keep it up Cr4ptic!

francescos772 10-24-2012 07:41 PM

you forgot the most important new of this week:

- Talogout was banned from the forums :D

tick0 10-24-2012 07:44 PM

y would he lie? he has no reason 2 lie...

webdeath 10-24-2012 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by matteo716maikai (Post 6251131)
example- one of the rewards: 2.5% chance for beam damage to count as kentitc and have 100% shield pen chance.

I've been on tribble. Looked at the reputation system. And it does not have ANYTHING concernign what ever you just stated. So I'd like to know if perhaps your not confusing it with the Borg Cutting Beam Set peice weapon?

virusdancer 10-24-2012 07:59 PM

Speaking of the 2.5% proc kinetic 100% shield pen from energy and speaking of trics...

...don't forget that it's 5% proc kinetic 100% shield pen from torps and mines.

virusdancer 10-24-2012 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by webdeath (Post 6251381)
I've been on tribble. Looked at the reputation system. And it does not have ANYTHING concernign what ever you just stated. So I'd like to know if perhaps your not confusing it with the Borg Cutting Beam Set peice weapon?

Let me find the thread...

That one. Fun reading.

webdeath 10-24-2012 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by virusdancer (Post 6251461)
Let me find the thread...

That one. Fun reading.

:mad: That wasn't fun. That was quite simply... ARE YOU ****ING KIDDINGME?!?!?!?!?!

2.5% Chance Energy weapons become Kinetic with 100% Shield by pass?!?!?! Season 7's new name is "Welcome to Cannon Escorts Online."

Add in the 5% chance to UNBREAKABLE PLACATE...

God ****ing damn it cryptic!! :mad:

virusdancer 10-24-2012 08:15 PM

I still like the quirky idea of running 8 Spiral Waves where each has a chance for 6-7+ procs when all's said and done.

I mean, there's the hint of the Rom console that adds a plasma proc to anything - so have to figure there's going to be a Rom secondary like there's the Borg secondary... will be interesting to see what comes of that.

ghostyandfrosty 10-24-2012 08:15 PM

In other news, it has been discovered that Mavairo wants to have Pirhana Games babies. While this is anatomically impossible, spiritually the fact remains.

They have delayed a patch, because of instability issues, unlike some other companies we can name, that just happen to run the forum.

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