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nikkicadd1984 10-25-2012 09:58 AM

VA Tact in a mirror deep space science vessel
Hi guys! I want to know if this is a Viable option or not!
The Ship has been unpacked from it's box, so, as they say, there's no going back now! Taking this into consideration, I would like your opinions on how I could make this ship, and myself, the most effective we can be!

My Skill points are mostly geared towards tactical abilities (I usually fly the Patrol escort or the Dreadnought) and I already have 2 sets of Boffs (one for each ship).

My main worry is, that as a tactical captain, I will be unable to fulfill the role of a healer efficiently. Therefore, any advice on Boff abilities (especially these as I've had no real experience with Sci abilities!), console set up, and Def/Eng/shield load-outs would be extremely welcome and, are in fact, desperately required!

I intend to use Phaser weapons (2 beam arrays and one Dual fore, and 3 Beam arrays aft maybe?) that way I can steal them from my Dread until I can afford new weapons/consoles.

Please advice to the best of your abilities (and knowing Quality of the people who use this forum, I expect that the advice will be more than sound!)

I look forward to taking your advice!


nikkicadd1984 10-27-2012 12:37 PM

No-one? I felt sure some-one here would have some advice regarding this!

Change of plan too, I've decided on using the Full Jem Hadar kit with Polaron beams! 3 Dual banks fore, 3 Beam arrays aft!

rrincy 10-27-2012 01:08 PM

Best with a bit of a respec , putting 6 points in all abilities instead of all the way to the top allows you to spread your points over a much broader area and still gain most of the benefit

with this , and appropriate skills in science to enhance heals and stuff like gravity wells etc , it can be a very good experience :)

theraven2378 10-30-2012 04:51 PM

I'm a vice admiral, and i love the mirror deep space science vessel. I fly a luna class. My armament is 6 disrupter beam arrays and two transphasic torpedo launchers, being a former akira captain i find this is the only science ship that comes close to the akira's speed and manueverabilty, When in combat the use of engineer teams, hazard emitters and science is mandatory. I'm a tactical player and my bridge officers always up to the task.

rodentmaster 10-30-2012 05:25 PM

If you want to be a healer go ENG cruiser. For one it has more weapons slots, so you still deal more damage. For two most of the healing skills you can find on the ENG boffs. There's extend shields, engineering team, aux 2 sif, etc. You can also use your tac team. You get 2 sci skills, and they also translate to other players too (TSS, Sci Team, HE).

You don't need a sci ship for healing. Sci ships are really best for sci characters because it allows them to try offensive skills. However if you're a tactical captain you're really better off with an ENG cruiser. By ENG cruiser I mean something with CDR and LtCDR eng boffs.

Just my observation. I tried running dedicate SCI ships as an engi. It was futilely boring to the point I stopped playing the character entirely. Don't use sci ships unless you're a sci build. You'll just hurt your own capabilities.

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