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ikuruyo 10-26-2012 07:06 PM

Engineer gound mines misbehaving
I was earning omega marks in Defera gound and found that the mines from my kit were not working properly.

The chroniton mines would blow up as soon as they armed if an enemy was standing on them and do dmg to them, however if they armed and then enemies walked over them they would go off and not do any dmg to them. If I had an enemy standing in the middle of the array of 5 the middle couple would go off and do dmg as soon as they armed but the others would no do any dmg when they were walked over a short time later.

The transphasic mine was also not working correctly. Some of the time, often when I put it in the middle of the other mines, it would go off as soon as it was armed. I did not need to trigger the explosion and in fact the reuse timer would NOT start up. If I plant the transphasic mine and wait a little bit, much of the time it would go off on its own and I could plant another right away, there was no cooldown on planting another. If I triggered the mine with the remote detonation the cooldown timer would start up properly.

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