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gradstudent1 10-26-2012 08:56 PM

Cutting the Cord/Darkness Before the Dawn Bugs: Cannot Play
I write a blog called, "Warrior's Way" for Priority One and recently I have been asking the question, "What is the KDF story anyway?" While going through the Romulan Mystery episodes, I came across a bug that has apparently been in place for some time. After Coliseum, the player is directed to the Brea system, where the next mission will occur. At least, that is the intention. But when I arrive at the Brea system, I am met with the following message: Could not Transfer Character. My character is then abruptly kicked off the server and forced to log in again. I logged in multiple times and tried to enter the Brea system, but after several attempts, I gave up and submitted a ticket. Although the Perfect World staff responded in a timely manner (2-3 days or so), their message was very disappointing: the GM team is aware of this problem but is unable to resolve it since some issues require further development from departments outside our control.

Here is an additional problem: According to Dev Blog 10, we should be able to do this episode for Romulan Marks:

"Players can progress by themselves or in groups via the New Romulus content, through the Vault queued missions, in select Season 7 queued missions, and through replay of the Romulan Featured Episode series."

So is this bug going to be fixed before Season 7 hits or will we be forced to go through a fragmentary mission chain?

psycoticvulcan 10-26-2012 10:07 PM

This is a big that's affected a number of missions. I've seen it happen to "Cold Storage" and a few Foundry missions as well. All you need to do it log out and then back in.

gradstudent1 10-27-2012 12:05 AM

Unfortunately, the log-in/-out "fix" did not work for me and I tried about x4 in a row. I of course mentioned this in my bug report.

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