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joker13874 10-28-2012 04:29 AM

Cristalline Entity
The Admiral Shark is glad to submit the video of the defeat of the Cristalline Entity.
The italians Fleets alliance (Celestial Beings Italia, Confederazione Stellare Italiana,
Maquis Italia, Italians Elite) was able to defeat the Cristalline Entity in about five minutes.
Have fun.

nandospc 10-28-2012 06:27 AM

It was EPIC! :D

eurialo 10-29-2012 04:08 AM

Also the giant trophy in my ship is EPIC!!! :D :D :D :D

who said that the crystalline entity is difficult?

nandospc 10-29-2012 06:52 AM

Lol :D

Anyway, we used ONLY Scatter Volley and Fire at Will abilities, in all parts of the mission. Like a brute force attack!

sodrick2 11-02-2012 03:08 PM


The Crystalline Entity shutdown in 2 minutes...

cynder2012 11-02-2012 03:23 PM

awesome job :D

nandospc 11-02-2012 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by sodrick2 (Post 6375921)

The Crystalline Entity shutdown in 2 minutes...

ohhh yes, this is THE record :D

truewarper 11-02-2012 08:59 PM

One day, one day....

gmfnomad 11-04-2012 01:21 AM

I would like to know why i was able to get into fight the entity once and i realized i had the wrong weapons and i went out to get right weapons and now i can't get back in even though it's been 3 days since i was in fighting it please give me suggestions as to why i cant get back in thanks.

broken1981 11-04-2012 12:24 PM

ive been trying to get the ce since start. any way that you guys can pick me up and help me get this accolade? would love to see it on my ship

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